Best Anti Slip Shower Mat | Waterproof Floor Mat Guide

Most of the slip and fall injuries in our homes happen within the bathroom. These injuries may result in broken limbs or maybe become fatal. Fortunately, there are convenient ways of creating your bathroom floors, slip-proof, to stay you and your loved ones safe.

One such method is by introducing the simplest non-slip bath linen. Besides providing the anti-slip surface, these Anti Slip Shower Mat are available an array of colors and classy designs bound to revamp the coziness and aesthetic appeal of your home.

The challenge, however, is that there’s a myriad of Anti Slip Shower Mat available within the market. How then, does one determine which rug is right for you? to assist you to create the proper pick, we’ve come up with an inventory of the simplest non-slip bath mats worth considering.

The best Anti Slip Shower Mat for the shower shouldn’t only look pleasant but it should also keep the toilet floor completely dry and stop us from slipping. A shower mat with a drain hole is the best choice here.

Getting the simplest isn’t easy in the least, we’ve put tons of your time and resources in compiling an inventory of the highest 10 non-slip shower mats. To spice things up, even more, there’s also a buying guide that ought to offer you a start on where to start checking out one.

Epica Anti Slip Mat for toilet | Outdoor Anti Slip Shower Mat

Make every bath or shower you’re taking safer and more sanitary. The Epica bath linen helps minimize the danger of slips and Epica Anti Slip Mat for toilet falls while preventing the expansion of bacteria and build-up of soap residues. Heavy-duty, latex-free rubber.

Exceptionally immune to wear and tear, the Epica bath linen is right for heavy use situations like hospitals, assisted living facilities, gyms, and hotels, also as homes with young children, seniors, or anyone who requires the very best standards of safety and quality. 

It’s made from sturdy, injection-molded rubber which contains no latex, so it’s safe for people with a latex allergy. Excellent grip top and bottom. The underside of the Anti Slip Shower Mat is roofed with suction cups that, once pressed into place, adhere firmly to the ground of a bathtub or shower bath and can not shift or slide once you tread on or off. 

These suction cups will work whether or not the ground features a nonslip surface. The top of the Anti Slip Shower Mat is textured, giving your feet extra traction power Inhibits bacteria and soap deposits. Another advantage of the textured surface is that it repels slippery soap residues which could cause your feet to slip out from under you. 

The entire Anti Slip Shower Mat is treated with an anti-bacterial agent to stay disease-causing microbes out of your bath. Generous 16″ x 28″ size . do not be cheated by smaller sized mats. One reason the Epica works so well is its large size which provides optimum coverage of the bathtub or shower floor. Wherever you step, your footing is going to be safe and secure.


  • HIGH-STRENGTH SUCTION CUPS FOR SAFETY: you’ll be secure knowing that once you put this bath linen in your bathtub or shower, it isn’t going anywhere. the amount and generous size of suction cups provide more power than average non-slip bath mats.
  • ANTI-SLIP RUBBER bath linen REPELS SLIPPERY SOAP: regardless of what percentage bubbles you throw at it, the Epica Non-Slip bath linen isn’t getting to allow you to fall victim to at least one of the leading causes of great home injuries.
  • EASY CLEANING: Mold, mildew and bacteria like to hide on the bathtub mat in your shower or tub. With the Epica bath linen, you never need to worry that. Simply toss the Anti Slip Shower Mat into the washer now then and therefore the mould stays away.
  • STYLISH NEUTRAL COLOR: you would like your bath linen to enrich your style, not clash with it. regardless of your style, this gorgeous, large 16” x 28” bathtub mat will cover your shower elegantly.

Genteele Memory Foam best non-slip shower mat

Comfort, luxury, and heat are the words that best describe the Genteel Anti Slip Shower Mat. If you would like an excellent comfortable, Genteele Memory Foam best non-slip shower matsoft, absorbent, and attractive covering that holds up nicely, this is often it.

Not only will it protect you from slips and falls, but it’ll also keep your feet comfortable and warm whenever you exit of your bathtub or a hot shower.

It is comfortable and opulent, stepping on the carpet seems like standing on a cloud. The outer cover may be a microfiber that features a soft, cozy, coral velvet feel. An incredibly soft polyurethane memory foam is enclosed by this outer cover further. The mat has a beautiful PVC dots backing that creates it non slip and immune to skidding and shifting. Easy to scrub and maintain, keeping the Anti Slip Shower Mat sparkling is comparatively easy because it is mechanically cleanable. 

However, it doesn’t have use to refrain from using chlorine bleach. Instead, soak it in cold water using mild detergents, then either tumble-dry it on low heat or air it to dry.


  • THREE PIECE RUG SET – Set includes the following: Contour U-shaped toilet rug 20” X 24”, small rectangular shaped rug 17” X 24” and a bigger sized rectangular shaped rug 21” X 34”
  • COMFORTABLE and opulent – Anti Slip Shower Mat are crammed with super soft and comfy polyurethane memory foam and outer material is ultra-luxurious and cosy, cloudy, shaggy microfiber. Step right out of the bathtub or shower onto a cloud! Great for the toilet, vanity, dwelling, master bathroom, kids bathroom, guest suite. Great gift idea for all occasions, Christmas, Wedding, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Valentines.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE – Machine wash in cold water with mild detergent. don’t use chlorine or bleach. Colour won’t fade. The colour will stay nice and vibrant for years to come!
  • NON SLIP & MAXIMUM ABSORBENCY – Mats are backed with PVC dots to stop shifting and skidding. For the best non-slip performance, don’t mat on a wet surface. Mats also are super plush and therefore the thick shaggy surface will have the power to soak up an honest amount of water so each of your household members may shower an equivalent day and still get to use a dry bathroom rug!

Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bathroom anti-slip rubber mat

Good bath linen should work even on smooth surfaces, and this model definitely can. additionally to its sleek design, the GorillaGorilla Grip Original Patented Bathroom anti-slip rubber mat Grip Original bath linen is formed of natural rubber and it features several suction cups that ensure maximum grip on all bathroom surfaces. 

The top of the mat is textured in order that users can have traction while walking on the bathtub mat. And despite the seemingly cozy surface, the bathtub mat is really pretty sturdy, because it can resist corrosion. Cleaning the mat is additionally easy, because of the graceful premium surface which will easily be cleaned with an easy wipe. Additionally, the textured surface also ensures that water doesn’t pool on the mat. 

Other features on the mat include the very fact that it’s both mildew and bacteria resistant. The mat is additionally freed from strong bad odors related to some bath mats. this is often thanks to the very fact that it doesn’t feature PVC material in its construction. This Gorilla Grip bath linen is additionally great therein it’s non-toxic, non-latex, and PVC free. Therefore, people that are allergic to those substances can safely use this bath linen with no problems.


  • HUNDREDS OF SUCTION CUPS: Our antibacterial bath and shower mats feature 324 Gorilla Grip suction cups that help hold in situ on smooth, clean surfaces. This bath linen may be a great choice for the house, gym, spa and more!
  • LARGER SIZE and FEATURES HOLES: Our size and generously sized mat is 35 x 16 inch and provides excellent coverage. Leaving areas of your tub exposed, many other mats are smaller. And our mat features small holes throughout to permit water to circulate, while other mats are solid creating a moist underside (which can accelerate mould growth).
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL: BPA Free, No Toxic Smell, Non-Toxic, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Antibacterial and Mildew Resistant. Plus, all of our mats accompany a 10-Year No Questions Asked Warranty. If you’re in the least unsatisfied together with your product, please contact us (through Amazon if past the quality return window) and that we are going to be happy to help you. At the top of the day, we would like our customers to be happy!
  • MACHINE WASHABLE:  To facilitate hassle-free maintenance Our durable mat is machine-washable and uphold its fresh appearance. We highly recommend that you simply wash your mat before use. Simply throw the mat in your washer on cold with gentle detergent (no bleach) and air dry. We recommend rinsing and drying your bath line periodically to get rid of oily and slippery buildup which will occur from various soaps and hair products.

Tike Smart Extra-Long bathtub anti-slip mat

Another non-slip bath linen that will offer you peace of mind while within the shower is that the Tike Smart mat. it’s an extra-Best Anti Slip Shower Mat | Waterproof Floor Mat Guide 1long, transparent, light blue bath mat with all the proper comfort and safety features. 

It offers massage-like comfort for your feet; these are among the attractive features of this Tike Smart non-slip mat. The mat is kind to both tired and wiped out feet, making showering thereon a secure and revitalizing experience.


  • SMOOTH BATHTUB FLOORS ONLY. Safety first: the simplest extra-long slip-resistant bathtub mat – will keep you, your children, the elderly and disabled safe when bathing and showering. 200 powerful suction cups – won’t slip when used on a non-textured shower or tub surfaces. 39”x16″, fits standard tub, covers the entire tub floor, with 33% more coverage than the typical mat, for added anti-slip protection from slip and fall accidents. Textured surface – superior grip.
  • CLEAN:  For years of safe, healthy, worry-free use with no mold or mildew cleanest bathtub mat available, and mechanically cleanable. 174 drainage holes keep water flowing through the bathtub mat. Transparent turquoise/green-blue color.
  • BEST MATERIALS: Highest quality phthalate-free, BPA-free allergen-free vinyl. Heavy-duty, weighing in at 1. 75 lbs. , it lays flat and won’t wear the bathtub or shower floor. 
  • COMFORT: Cushioned and cozy, sort of a massage for your feet. You, your kids, your parents, and therefore the elderly or disabled will feel not only safe but revitalized while bathing or showering with the foremost comfortable extra long bathtub mat there is!

NTTR Anti Slip bath linen Tub

Few anti-slip bath mats within the market feature as unique a design as this particular version. NTTR non-slip bath linen is NTTR Anti Slip bath linen Tubformed to possess the pebbled look of a riverbed. Every consumer features a choice of three colors like black, white, and brown actually it depends on their bathroom design and decoration.

The bath mat offers its anti-slip capabilities using quite 200 suction cups. Additionally, the mat can resist mold and bacteria, which suggests it’ll stay very clean and healthy during use. the fabric wont to make the bathmat is obtained from environmentally sustainable sources.

In addition, the mat can resist mold, and also resist bacterial manifestation. the mat has passed EN71 non-toxic verification, as a matter of fact. Maintenance is additionally easy with this mat since it’s mechanically cleanable. And with its special design, there are many holes on the mat to make sure that it doesn’t cause pools of water to make after a shower.

The mat is additionally amply-sized at 16-inches by 35 inches. it’s also durable enough to be utilized in commercial and residential establishments like homes, hotels, and hospitals.


  • Protect Family: Bath mats with over 200 suction cup, it can provide effective non-stick in the bath or shower
  • High-Quality Material: Our luxury bath linen is formed from environmental material
  • Extra Long Bathtub Mats that fits any size bathtub or shower, bathroom mat is ultra-durable and ideal for frequent daily use in homes, hotels, and more.
  • Non-Slip Bathtub Mat: Sturdy grip covered with suction cups that when pressed into place adhere firmly to the ground of a bathtub or shower bath and can not shift or slide once you tread on or off.

OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

This great bath linen is as comfortable because it looks. With its attractive design, this mat is that the perfect decor complement OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Matfor your bathroom. it’s a soft squishy and pampering feeling. The unique design on this bath linen also ensures that it doesn’t trap any residue that might make its maintenance a chore.

The non-slip feature is obtainable through strong suction cups at rock bottom that keeps it in situ duringFor seniors, children and even people with mobility issues strong anti-slip feature makes ideal Also, just in case you’re on the lookout for non-slip bath linen which will be utilized in a wider range of places, this product is one among the simplest options within the market. additionally to homes, the mat is ideal for hospitals, spas and even shower.


  • Anti Slip: There are tons of strong suction cups at rock bottom that cling alright and keep the mat in situ in the least times, no lifting or shifting in the leas  Provides safe path while anyone iI thing.
  • Perfect Size: Extra long and enormous size is at 31.5×15.75 inches. It covers most of the bathtub tub. It’s also heavier and thicker than other mats. Great for homes, hotels, hospitals, assisted living facilities, gyms, saunas, spas, and showers.
  • Natural Rubber and Comfortable: It’s made from heavy-duty rubber, this bath linen is extremely soft and it doesn’t hurt your feet within the least. It’s also very easy to was
  • Cobblestones Surface and Fantastic Color: Cobblestones offer you both mini foot massage and tiny feet traction. The textured surface also makes a pleasant cushion when you’re taking an extended bath within the tub.T he pretty blue color makes it appears as if you’re within the ocean.

Vive Shower Mat | waterproof floor mat

On the non-slip shower mat by Vive, find safe footing. The rubber mat securely stays in situ with unique suction cups that Vive Shower Mat | waterproof floor matfunction while wet. Additionally, the mat features a center drainage hole to eliminate pooling water.

Providing safe footing for cover against hazardous falls, the massive shower mat is ideal for seniors, children and people with balance concerns. Lightly textured, the square shower provides exceptional traction and stability while showering.

A strong nonslip grip is made by the 200 individual suction cups. The unique suction cup design allows them to stay securely in situ on any smooth surface, even when wet. Constructed with a rubber, each shower mat is treated to guard the surface. The durable rubber mat is additionally naturally slip-resistant.


  • STRONG SUCTION CUP GRIP: a robust nonslip grip is provided by the 116 individual suction cups that attach the mat to the graceful surface of any shower. A unique suction cup design allows them to stay securely in situ when wet.
  • CONVENIENT CENTER DRAIN: Eliminate standing during a pool of water thanks to poor drainage. Safely allowing water to empty away, the mat features a 6” centered drain hole.
  • LARGE TEXTURED SURFACE. Provides safe, comfortable footing for cover against hazardous falls. Perfect for seniors, children, and people with balance concerns.
  • LATEX-FREE: Constructed with a latex-free rubber the durable rubber mat is of course slip-resistant, providing additional stability and traction.

Sultan’s Linens Foldable Non-Slipp Rubber bath linen

Sultan’s Linens has been manufacturing and importing home and bath products for nearly a century. As a family-run company, Sultan's Linens Foldable Non-Slipp Rubber bath linenSultan’s Linens values individuality, quality, and therefore the consumer.

The Sultan’s Linens Non-Slipp Foldable Rubber bath linen fills a void for several consumers in today’s market. most bath mats available today don’t accommodate textured, refinished, or reglazed tubs. This bath line, which is out there in 3colourss and a couple of sizes, addresses those needs.

The Sultan’s Linens Foldable Rubber bath linen features a replacement advantage, the folding ability. The folding feature makes it convenient to tuck in somewhere inconspicuous while not in use. It also can remain folded at the sting of the bathtub without being within the way.


  • Use on Textured Tub! No Suction Cups Needed
  • Anti- Slip Honeycomb Texture
  • Drainage Holes
  • 100% Rubber
  • Folding Design Saves Space

Global-StoreNon-Slipp bath linen with Suction Cups

The professional texture on the surface, you’ll enjoy a comfortable feet massage during standing which may effectively promote Global-StoreNon-Slipp bath linen with Suction Cupsblood circulation when bathing. It’s normal that you simply may felt uncomfortable, for a physiological feet massage.

Featured with 114 strong suction cups that stick with the bottom better, make a difference in preventing tumble. Adapt to high and coldness, tough to deform.R apid drainage design, the water drains out after use, so mold doesn’t form. 


  • Professional and Practical: Anti-Fatigue texture on the surface, you’ll enjoy a comfortable feet massage during standing which may effectively promote blood circulation when bathing. It’s normal that you simply may felt uncomfortable, for a physiological feet massage. (Notice: Don’t bend the mat over 30°)
  • Dual Anti-Slip and Sturdy: Featured with 114 strong suction cups that stick with the bottom better, make a difference in preventing tumble. Adapt to high and coldness tough to deform. The mat could be hard or uncomfortable for first use and therefore the tender, won’t to it several times which is normal for our mats
  • Rapid drainage design: Rapid drainage design, the water drains out after use so mold doesn’t form. It dries quickly.
  • DIY Cutting and No Bad Smell: you’ll cut the mat in parts to suit the doorway, tub, floor better, easy to affect various situations, make the simplest use of mats.  for long-term service environment-friendly premium plastic which is healthy for you
  • Large and Extensive Use: 16×25Inch, you’ll buy two or more and put them together if the space is large; you’ll put it under your desk to assist relieve the fatigue of labor, which also apply to the kitchen, bathroom, bathtub, shower, toilet, veranda, etc. 

FRMMY Non-Slipp Shower Floor Mat with Drain Hole

From the plastic shower, the mat is that the most suitable option for the elderly and youngster, shower mat provides good tractionFRMMY Non-Slipp Shower Floor Mat with Drain Hole and stability on the ground, both the surface and therefore the bottom of the shower mat has a really good anti-skid effect, used for homes, shower stalls, hotels, saunas, spas then on.

The-slip bath linen was made from select high-quality plastic material TPE and PP, Clever design with drain hole panels, the shower pad can rapid drainage, dry quickly.

The anti-slip shower mat features a pav, good anti-skid effect. Slotted panels and wave textured surface design, provides the safe and cozy footing for cover against hazardous falls, albeit it touches the shower gel it’ll not slip.


  • Non-slip suction cups: there are 122 individual suction cups made from TPE material at rock bottom of bath line, allows shower mats to stay securely in situ when wet. Not to be used on textured and non-smooth surfaces.
  • Wave textured surface design, provides safe, comfortable footing and exceptional traction while showering, for cover against hazardous falls, albeit shower mat touches the shower gel it’ll not slip.
  • Clever design with drain hole slotted panels: allow the water to dry and therefore the air to fast circulate. Anti-slip shower mat is formed of high-end TPE and PP plastic material, no smell and healthy for you.
  • Its bathroom rectangular mat is 25′ ‘L x 16’ ‘W x 0.17”, if you would like to be a bigger size, you’ll buy more pieced together side by side.

Buying Guide of the Best Bath Mat

Even though these are a number of the simplest non-slip bath mats within the market, for you to urge the simplest results you want to consider a couple of factors. First, believe the dimensions and dimensions of your bathroom. confirm you decide on a mat that matches perfectly within the room and lies evenly on the ground.

Why do you have to Buy a shower Mat?

  • Aesthetics
    One of the main advantages of selecting a shower mat is that it acts as how to embellish your bathroom or bathtub. Since there are various options within the market, there are different styles you’ll choose between and pick one which best goes with the theme of your bathroom. 
  • Easy to wash
    Unlike stickers and other options, you’ll effortlessly achieve the mat and clean it. Many of the mats available within the market are washable via a machine. Therefore, youDoggettt to worry about an unsightly mat in your tub and may make sure the hygiene of your bathroom. 
  • Versatility in Options
    A funky mat for your babies ana sober, plain bath linen for you, this product category has it all. With such flexibility in choices, you’ll customize your bathroom supported who uses it. This feature of bath mats means it’s an optimum product for the masses, no matter age.`


All in all, non-slip bath mats are a necessity, especially for the elderly, and P Equipping yourself with one among the various options available to you’ll allow you to avoid accidents and falling hazards. it’s always best to play it safe instead of being sorry later.

Since there are numerous choices when it involves bath mats, confirm you create a wise purchase decision by analyzing your need, choosing the right size and required features, and setting a price to your demand.

You can also choose between the products mentioned during this buying guide. If you’re picking a non-slip shower mat for the elderly, we’ll advise you to offer the Munchkin Dandy Dots bath linen a try. this is often due to its extensive amount of suction cups making it highly skid-resistant. If you’re picking non-slip bath linen for babies, the above is great too, thanks to its funky style and sturdiness.