Best Disc sander | Buyer’s Guide

While some tool enthusiasts say that every single type of sander must be kept out of all different kinds of sanders available in the market, while others say to stick on merely one type and keep it budget-friendly.

We ultimately feel that each type of sander has a time and place depending on the project or task, even though it’s based on opinion and what type of work you’re involved in. We reviewed the top 10 Best Disc sander for the money in the market and we are making sure to overview every possible type you’ll need. Let us take a look at our observations.

Through research, sifting through forums and comparing and contrasting other top models around the net, the SXE 450 brings us a relatively decent quality disc sander without breaking our wallets entirely. Although the motor is a bit lower than the others and what the average is all together, the construction allows us to be confident it’s a long-term investment. Helps to dial down our wants and needs depending on the project is done by a few different diameters of orbit. If you do however want some other options when it comes to finding the best disc sander, continue reading on to our 10 best lists.

A disc sander is a machine for sanding or polishing that is equipped with a disc that performs around oscillating movement parallel to the work surface. This is a tool for the removal of a surface from a certain material with the abrasive medium. It is important to make sure that it has an efficient system for the dust section when purchasing a disc sander. This system should contain appropriate filters that will hold even the finest dust particles, besides efficiency. To purchase additions that can enable the disc sander to attach to a vacuuming system you already own in your garage, it is also useful.

To rely on a bag attached directly to the sander and the ability of a built-in vent to blow dust into the bag is the poorest solution (but often the only one).

Consider the fact that based on the housing there are three basic types of sanders, Unless you have previous experience with electric disc sanders and want to get one :

  1. Palm grip
  2. Right angle
  3. Pistol grip

Metabo SXE 450 Turbo 350 Watt Electronic Disc Sander

True German engineering and ingenuity are encompassed by every Metabo tool. We have been developing innovative ideas in our Metabo SXE 450 Turbo 350 Watt Electronic Disc Sanderplant located in Germany since 1924, then turning them into pioneering tools and accessories for professional users across the globe.

With alternative settings for very high stock removal and fine finishing, SXE 450 is the world’s first dual orbit, random orbit sander. Integrated dust collection systems are present in many models. Dust collection bags and punched sandpapers are used by these tools.

Infinitely variable speed control is present both in the random orbit and dual random orbit models. Another important highlight available is a complete line of Metabo abrasives to fit all of our sanders. You will get the legendary Metabo advantages of power, longevity and balance no matter which sander you choose.

Strong 3.4-Amp 350-Watt motor power the Metabo SXE 450 6 inch sander. Its work mission on different types of surfaces such as plastics, wood, metals (non-ferrous ones) as well as sheets of steel will be reliably completed by this versatile tool.

A great opportunity to assure a fine finish whichever mood you’re in is given to you as it can be adjusted to rotate or oscillate. switching between speeds and also quickly reaching max power from any previous orbital setting is enabled by the turbo boost switch that comes with this disc sander.

A very fine finish is ensured by two different diameters of orbit which you can choose between. Auto-stop brushes, as well as a 3-year manufacturer’s limited guarantee, are brought with this particular disk sander. We would grab this one for sure if you want a handheld model and don’t want to look any further.


  • Made in Germany
  • production facilities and techniques that is world-class
  • Hour employees at every stage of a production give absolute focus on quality 
  •  assembly systems that are manual, Hybrid and fully automated
  • German engineering and ingenuity
  • 1 yr. standard / 3 yr. with online registration

WEN 6502T Belt and Disc Sander with Cast Iron Base

When did you need a versatile and reliable sander, remember?  easy sanding, smoothing, and removal of all the jagged edges andWEN 6502T Belt and Disc Sander with Cast Iron Base splinters on your wood and lumber is done by the WEN Belt Disc Sander. Users should anticipate enough power to prevent this machine from bogging down under a large load with a 4.3 amp 1/2 HP motor. 

You will have the power to switch and replace sandpaper grits as needed without wasting any time as Changing the spacious 4-inch-by-36-inch belt is like a breeze. To accommodate the needs of your particular workpiece, The belt also tilts anywhere from 0 to 90 degrees while the heavy cast-iron base prevents vibrations. With all of this in addition to the 6-inch sanding disc, you’ll have the capacity to sand whatever workpiece your heart desires.


  • Both a 4-by-36 inch belt and a 6-by-6 inch disc is included in this two in one sanding machine 
  • From 0 to 90 degrees, the belt can tilt anywhere 
  • Any heavy vibrations are prevented by Sturdy cast iron base
  • Up to 3600 RPM is provided by 4.3 Amp motor
  • Simple changes between sandpaper grits are made possible by the Tension release lever

Delta Power Equipment Corp Disc Sander

If you are looking for one of the best tabletop disc sanders when it comes to demanding and larger projects, then the 31-140 is anDelta Power Equipment Corp Disc Sander excellent choice. You will be able to complete some heavy tasks without even getting a sweat on by making use of The Delta Power 31-140 comes with a 12″ sander.

You will be enabled to truly achieve the desired fine finish with the help of a strong 120V motor that it is powered with. It is from durable, sturdy iron with a heavy steel bevel base which this disk sander is made of and that can easily be attached to a working bench.

To stop sanding in a matter of moments, it is equipped with a manual brake conveniently located on the top. Dust will be taken away from your work toward the hose by the integrated dust collector present in this sander ensuring a clean working surface. It will easily attach to any classic vacuum collector as the dust port is 2 1/4 inch wide. A 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee is granted with this Delta Power 31-140. 


  • 2 1/2in OD attaches quickly to any standard shop vac or dust collector and the Dust collection draws from under the table
  • For easy bench mounting, Cast Iron Base with pre-drilled holes is present in the sander.
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty

Makita GV5010 5” Disc Sander

For longer-lasting industrial performance, power and comfort with motor-protection features are combined in Makita’s 5-Inch Makita GV5010 5" Disc SanderDisc Sander (model GV5010). For a variety of sanding applications, The GV5010 is ideal.

Makita-built 3.9 AMP motor that delivers 5,000 RPM is present in the GV5010 for fast and efficient sanding. For longer tool life, the ball-and-needle bearing construction is engineered.  has a continuous rating input of 440W is there for The GV5010.

For professional use all day long, Makita engineered comfort and convenience features into the grinders. The GV5010, for increased comfort on the job, is double insulated and has a soft-grip handle. Its weight is only 2.6 lbs. It comes along with a unique and well-defined exterior. Engineered for industrial sanding applications, the GV5010 is a versatile and powerful disc sander.


  • For faster material removal, Powerful 3.9 amp motor delivers 5, 000 RPM is present in the sander.
  • For greater comfort, Precision balance with a rubberized soft grip handle is present in the sander.
  • For added precision and control in a variety of applications, Rubberized mold over the motor housing is present in the sander.
  • For smoother rotations and a more efficient transfer of energy, Spiral bevel gears are present in the sander.
  • For operator convenience, the Trigger lock-on button is present in the sander.
  • For fast and efficient sanding, Powerful 4.2 AMP motors deliver 4,500 RPM is present in the sander.
  • For improved operator comfort and control, Comfortable Rubberized Grip is present in the sander.
  • For long tool life, Ball-and-needle bearing construction is present in the sander.
  • The sander is Double insulated.
  • Unique and well-defined exterior.

JET 708433 Benchtop Disc Sander

This heavy-duty 12-inch disc sander for the benchtop is an ideal choice, for people tight on shop space who already have a dust JET 708433 Benchtop Disc Sandercollector. 1-horsepower, totally enclosed and fan-cooled motor are included in this sander. 

Dust collection is aided by a built-in impellor and also there is a 4-inch dust port. A dust collection filter can be purchased separately and added on for shops that don’t already have a dust collector, or for people who can’t ever seem to remember to hook it up for a quick sanding job. 

For quickly slowing it down and stopping, the sander has a hefty steel disc, with a manual brake. Along with a miter gauge and circle jig, you also get a generous cast-iron table that tilts from 90 to 45 degrees. All in all, long life of service in your shop will be provided at a great price by this sander. 

Benchtop sander is a12-inch disc sander. To assist in dust collection, a Built-in dust impeller creates air-flow. 4-inch dust chute is present in this sander. lf you are tight on space and already own a dust collector, we recommend this benchtop mode.


  • 4-inch dust port aid in dust collection and Built-in impellor 
  • Heavy-duty steel disc
  • 1 Horsepower Totally enclosed fan-cooled motor
  • Convenient brake slows disc quickly
  • Circle Jig and Miter gauge included

Hitachi S18SB 6.2-Amp 7-Inch Vertical Disc Sander

For a variety of applications, including woodwork, metalwork, concrete, drilling, cutting and fastening, Hitachi Power Tools Hitachi S18SB 6.2-Amp 7-Inch Vertical Disc Sander(Hitachi Koki USA, Ltd.) provides professional-grade power tools. Pioneered innovative technologies that have improved the quality of craftsmanship is present in Hitachi worldwide since its inception. 

Hitachi has achieved many firsts in the power tool industry and is a leader in power tool research and development. Today, with new features in addition to classic quality, Hitachi continues the tradition of innovation and engineering.

 A variety of applications including rust and paint removal, wood preparation, finishing and polishing metallic surfaces is supported by The Hitachi S18SB 7-Inch 6.2-Amp Vertical Sander.  No-load speed of up to 4,500-RPM is generated by this 6.2-amp sander. Burnout during aggressive sanding operations is prevented by High overload durability. Exhaust and debris are prevented from reaching the operator by an air deflector. 

User fatigue is reduced drastically by the trigger lock-on button and a 4.4 -pound design.  For easy accessory changes, the S18SB also features a spindle lock. It comes with a sanding disc, a  rubber pad, and a wrench. For a period of 5-years from the original purchase date, The Hitachi S18SB 7-Inch 6.2-Amp Vertical Sander is warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defect in materials and workmanship. 


  • For improved balance and control, there is a Vertically positioned design
  • Burnout during aggressive sanding operations prevented by High overload durability
  • Metal-bearing bushing
  • Dust-resistant bearing chamber
  • Double insulation
  • The wear-resistant tail cover adds durability and prolongs the service life
  • A secure and comfortable grip is provided by elastomer covered pistol-grip and side handles
  • User fatigue during continuous use is reduced by the trigger lock-on button
  • 5-year warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee

The Hitachi S18SB disc sander is lightweight, which will enable you to work longer without getting too tired — we recommend if you want a cheaper solution without many fancy features.

Rikon 50-112 4 x 36 Belt 6-Inch Disc Sander

Yet another one of the best disc sanders is The Rikon 50-112 and a 6-inch sander that will enable you to complete different typesRikon 50-112 4 x 36 Belt 6-Inch Disc Sander of sanding and polish tasks. It is one of the best disc sanders in its price range and definitely a versatile sander. To complete a wide variety of sanding and polishing projects, this disc sander comes with a strong 4.3 A engine that will reliably enable you

To save you from vibrations and assure precise and smooth work, the Rikon 50-112 comes with a durable and quality iron base as well as firm steel belt bedding. The disc sander table attached to a miter gauge (9 inches by 6-1/4 inch) and is large. 

A 2.5-inch dust port that will enable you to easily attach a dust collector so your work surface will remain dust-free while your work is present in the Rikon 50-112. To get you through demanding sanding tasks easily, this sander is perfect.


  • Cast Iron and Steel Construction. 
  • The heavy-duty base provides vibration-free operation
  • The workpiece is helped to be finished fast with smooth results by Belt Speed 1900 SFPM.
  • For increased torque and reliability, disk Speed 3450 RPM Direct drive 

Proxxon 37060 Disc Sander

5 inch (125 millimeters) adhesive sanding discs are present in Proxxon Disc Sander TG 125/E.  For fine sanding work and minor Proxxon 37060 Disc Sandermaterial correction, this German-engineered precision device is helpful. It is ideal for all types of wood, non-ferrous, steel and precious metals, plexiglass, plastics, and fiberglass. 

Due to a powerful and balanced DC motor housing made of fiberglass-reinforced polyamide there is only Vibration-free running. With a miter gauge, the aluminum table is adjustable to include 50 degrees downward and 10 degrees upward. 

After use, the adhesive sanding discs can be easily removed. The used discs can be stored and reused as necessary and that is ensured by Two additional square silicon sheets.  To a table or workbench, Proxxon Disc Sander can be mounted horizontally or vertically. To quickly and securely fasten sander, it comes with a C-clamp. Attaching a vacuum cleaner for dust-free working includes an adapter. Also 2 each sanding discs 80, 150, and 240 grit is present. 


  • With miter gage and c-clamp for horizontal and vertical clamping, the table can be adjusted to incline 50 degrees downward and 10 degrees upward.
  • To quickly and securely fasten sander to workbench either vertically or horizontally, the sander comes with c-clamp
  • Comes with easily removable 2 each 5-inch adhesive sanding discs 80, 150 and 240 grit after use
  • To attach a vacuum cleaner for dust-free working, Includes an adapter


  • 1150-3600 revolutions per minute (250-800 millimeters per minute): Variable speed. 
  • 5 inches (125 millimeters) sanding disc: Disc diameter. 
  • 11.8 inch x 5.5 inch x 6.3 inch (300 x 140 x 160 millimeter): Off table sanding height
  • 110 volt, 140 watts, 50/60 Hz: Volts
  •  6.6 pounds (3 kilograms): Weight.

JET 708432K Open Stand Disc Sander

This unique disc sander has a built-in dust collection. An Impeller that creates a large amount of airflow to pull the dust from JET 708433 Benchtop Disc Sanderaround the outer edge of the disc and blow it through the 4-inch port on the bottom of the unit is there directly behind the sanding disc. A canister filter that will filter all material down to 2 microns is present in this open sand model.

They tend to not get hooked up to a dust collector with every use because shop disc sanders are often used for quick little jobs. By including its own built-in high airflow dust collection impeller and 2-micron canister filter, this new model from JET solves that problem. 

Your dust is collected and your shop air stays clean–whether for 15 minutes of serious sanding or 30 seconds of cleaning up a saw cut–Any time you turn it on. 1-horsepower, totally enclosed, the fan-cooled motor makes the machine run and also provides ample power for any sanding task you come up with. 

For quickly slowing it down and stopping, it has a hefty 12-inch steel disc, with a manual brake. A cast-iron table that tilts from 90 to 45 degrees, along with a miter gauge and circle jig is available to you with this sander. All in all, a long life of service will be provided in your shop by this great sander at a great price.


  • Built-in dust collection with 2-micron filter
  • 1 Horsepower Totally enclosed fan-cooled motor
  • Open Stand
  • Convenient brake slows disc quickly
  • Circle Jig and Miter gauge included

Bosch 3727DEVS Dust Sander

Woodworkers, carpenters, and furniture refinishers get the precision they demand as the Bosch 3727DEVS 6-Inch Random OrbitBosch 3727DEVS Dust Sander Sander/Polisher delivers thorough results. For swift removal and an ultra-smooth finishing, an outstanding combination of pad orbit and rotation is conveyed by the tool. 

This sander is a variable-speed model to match the speed to the task, built with an integral pad-dampening braking system to diminish swirl marks. Particles as small as 1/2 micron in diameter can be trapped by the built-in microfilter system that the sander includes.


  • Designed to stop the swirl:  To reduce swirl marks, The Bosch 3727DEVS was engineered with an integral pad-dampening braking system. It comes with Bosch’s signature HookTight hook-and-loop disc attachment equipped in the random orbit sander/polisher. To help secure the firm grip of the disc during use, over 35,000 long-life hooks are present on this attachment.  Additionally, a smooth, fine finish on both flat and contoured surfaces alike is ensured by the included microcellular backing pad.
  • More control with variable speed:  Users can demand the exact right speed for each individual task as this random orbit sander/polisher includes variable-speed control. Operators can dial up or down as the speed is adjustable from between 4,500 and 12,000 opm, with a single-speed of 12,000 opm. 5/64-Inch is the eccentric offset, 5.2 lbs are the tool’s weight, It has remarkable sanding effectiveness in a tool that is straightforward and easy to deal with.
  • Microfilter dust system: Dust particles as small as 1/2 micron in diameter are trapped by the built-in microfilter system. The dust spillback into the sander is curtailed by the microfilter dust canister. The dust level is visible and incredibly easy to detach when necessary when the compact dust canister simply twists off.
  • Comfort comes first: With an ergonomic soft-grip top and body, to reduce hand fatigue, the Bosch 3727DEVS allows the operator to use the tool with varied grip positions. Less wobble and vibration are produced as it features a smoother experience with rugged housing. It helps for more extended periods of use and promotes user comfort.

Buyer’s Guide to Disc Sander:

  • Your budget – Which direction to go when choosing a disc sander will be really dictated upon this. You will get the more additional features, overall quality, and longevity the higher you go.
  • Brand preference– “DeWalt-only” or “Makita or bust” tool enthusiasts are known. The brand is at least something to take into consideration when it comes to investing in power tools.
  • Diameter –  Something to take into consideration is the diameter of your sander. Are you having a larger surface to take care of or only small projects?  Around 6 inches is the average, the quality will be better, more quickness and accuracy the sanding will be the higher you go.
  • The overall style of build – With a stand, handheld,  or other? Time is there for each and this all depends on what type of jobs you expect yourself to need to use the sander for or what it will entail in the future. We found a few of each category to fit all readers.
  • Additional features? Corded or cordless? Some also come with cleaning systems, others the stands as spoken previously, fancy handles, measuring systems and some with diameter choices. It all depends upon how much you want with your tool.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to use a disc sander? (Check This Video)
    Step 1 – Don Your Safety Gear
    Step 2 – Set Up the Disc Sander
    Step 3 – Prepare the Material
    Step 4 – Turn On the Disc Sander
    Step 5 – Use the Disc Sander
    Step 6 – Adjust as Necessary