Best Palm Nailer Review | Buyer's Guide 2021
Best Palm Nailer Review | Buyer's Guide 1

Best Palm Nailer Review | Buyer’s Guide

A palm nailer is a tool that straps to the palm of your hand and then operates as a nail gun. When surfing for palm nailers in your neighbourhood hardware store, you could locate it challenging to distinguish between various products. Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to provide you with a listing of the quality palm nailers available today and a buyer’s guide to help you make a knowledgeable shopping decision.

Whether you are an expert contractor or you are a self-proclaimed DIY enthusiast, if you are looking to enlarge your tool collection, there’s one that you are truly going to want to feature to your toolbox: A palm nailer.

Also pretty flexible as they may are available on hand for a whole lot of utility from framing to finishing. And their small and extra portable length makes them top-notch for nailing small corners, tight spaces and additionally for floors and decking edges where flooring nailers can not work.

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Thanks to these available tools, you can cut again on how much you need to swing your hammer, decreasing your hazard of harm and unfavourable the fabric you’re working on. They make the technique of nailing lots easier, loads faster, and plenty more accurate.

Powernail Power Palm Floor Nailer

Powernail Power Palm Floor Nailer

The Powernail PowerPalm is an essential flooring installation tool for both the Pro and DIYer. The PowerPalm is a pressure-actuated pneumatic palm nailer for driving flooring cleats. This revolutionary tool allows you to blind nail starting rows, final rows and in tight spaces with both 18 gauge and 16 gauge L-style and T-style cleats.

It is designed to aid in the fastening of a wide range of today’s tongue-and-groove flooring. Top nailing final rows used to be an inevitability. As the installer worked closer to the wall they would eventually run out of space for their nailer, yet more rows were needed to complete the floor. 

This is where Top Nailing came into play. Top nailing is the method of fastening the floor plank into the subfloor from its top surface. This method either left unsightly nail heads on the walking surface of the floor, or the installer would countersink and fill the holes. Either method left the floor with unflattering blemishes. 

The PowerPalm by Powernail virtually eliminates top nailing, while maintaining the integrity and aesthetic of your installation. The PowerPalm incorporates a minimally sized profile and specially engineered tip to fit into tight places and drive cleats into the nail pocket.


  • Virtually eliminates top nailing on both Hardwood and Engineered, Tongue and Groove flooring.
  • Will blind nail starting rows, final rows and in tight spaces.
  • Drives both 16-gauge and 18-gauge L-style and T-style Cleats (floor nails). also will countersink unset cleat nails.
  • The specially designed tip is angled to suit into the nail pocket, magnetic to carry cleats securely and rotates to suit in tight spaces
  • Pressure activated and fits within the palm of your hand.

BOSTITCH PN100K Impact Nailer Kit

BOSTITCH PN100K Impact Nailer Kit

This highly portable Bostitch PN100K Palm Nailer kit comes with everything you need to perform a wide range of nailing tasks, from putting up metal connectors to constructing decks. The centrepiece of the kit, the PN100 nailer, is powerful enough to drive nails up to 5-inches in length and is ideal for anyone working in tight spaces.

Weighing in at just 2.9 lbs., the PN100 is crafted to help you complete demanding jobs with ease. Its magnetic nose has a recessed nail slot to hold nails tightly in place, and its ergonomic design maximizes comfort, a crucial feature for anyone driving nails for large chunks of time. To boot, this baby will stand up to just about any challenge, thanks to its hardened steel nose construction. 

Throw in the extras – three different noses for standard, finish, and large bore nailing, a leather glove, a nose wrench, a hex wrench, lubricant, and spare O-rings – and you have a fantastic all-purpose nailer at an unbeatable price.

Ideal for driving usual nails in confined areas and for nailing of metal connectors and joist hangers. Magnetic nostril with recessed nail slot holds nails strong for correct fastener placement. Hardened metal Nose for increased durability. 

 It includes: impact nailer with a standard nose, finish Nail nose, large-bore nostril, leather comfort glove, nose wrench, hex wrench, tool lubricant, and spare O-rings. Ideal for driving commonplace bulk nails in confined regions and for nailing of steel connectors and joist hangers. This product is manufactured in Taiwan. This product meets customer requirements.

3PLUS HMPN50SP Mini Palm Nailer

3PLUS HMPN50SP Mini Palm Nailer

This 3PLUS mini palm nailer HMPN50SP is a versatile pneumatic nailer, it drives most bulk nails up to 4” in length. This small nailer weighs just about one pound so you can work with precision and speed in very tight spaces. A magnetic nose keeps nails in place to prevent slippage. It’s ideal for joist hangers, decking, fencing and driving nails into tight spaces.


  • Lightweight die-casting aluminium body
  • The magnetic nose holds nail in place for safe, accurate placement
  • Drives most common bulk nails up to 4” in length
  • Front exhaust directs air away from users palm
  • This pneumatic mini palm nailer is ideal for joist hangers, decking, fencing and driving nails into tight spaces.

BOSTITCH Palm Nailer, Mini Impact (PN50)

BOSTITCH Palm Nailer, Mini Impact (PN50)

The Bostitch PN50 Mini Impact Nailer features a rubber grip designed to insulate and reduce vibration. Lightweight at just one lb. it’s a 360° swivel air fitting for max accessibility in tight spots. The front exhaust directs air faraway from the user’s palm. 

 Drives commonest Bulk Finish, Framing & Timber Nails. Ideal in applications such as; Joist Hangers, Metal Connectors, and Driving Nails Into Confined Areas.

 This Mini Impact Nailer Is Lightweight And Offers a cushty Grip. depend upon This Mini Impact Nailer For Convenience And Maximum Accessibility.


  • Rubber grip designed to insulate and reduce vibration
  • Weighs just 1 lb.
  • 360 ° swivel air fitting for max accessibility
  • Front exhaust directs air faraway from users palm
  • Drives commonest Bulk Finish, Framing & Timber Nails.

Hitachi NH90AB Mini Impact Palm Nailer

Hitachi NH90AB Mini Impact Palm Nailer

The NH90AB 3-1/2″ Palm Nailer accepts a 2-1/2″ – 3-1/2″ bulk fastener while offering superior manoeuvrability when operating in limited areas. It is right for putting in joist hangers and metal connectors. Its 360-degree swivel plug allows the hose to cling at any angle rather than straight out including convenience when working in tight spaces. The over-moulded rubber grip presents comfort, absorbs vibration and improves control.


  • Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT. Same great tools, with only a new name.
  • Over-moulded rubber grip for added comfort, better hold and reduced vibration
  • 360-degree swivel fitting for maximum manoeuvrability and ease of use
  • The magnetic nose holds a fastener in place for safe and accurate fastener placement
  • Front exhaust directs the air away from the user
  • Accepts a 2-1/2″ – 3-1/2″ bulk nail
  • Lightweight at only 1.3lbs
  • Ideal for installing joist hangers and metal connectors
  • 5 Year Warranty

Senco PC0781 Pneumatic Palm Nailer

Senco PC0781 Pneumatic Palm Nailer

Here’s a reachable little nailer at an amazing price. Palm nailers have their fans, and if you’re one of them, you’ll like this model. Its 2.five kilos are well-balanced and made even less difficult to handle due to the smooth rubber palm pad and fine leather-based grip. One disadvantage of palm nailers is the need to feed each nail individually, however, the A20 capabilities a magnetic nail guide that hastens your driving. It’s best for joist hangers, metallic straps, and pole barn assembly. 

 The Senco A20 pneumatic hand nailer is the best tool for tight space nailing and metal connector attachment. This tool weighs less than three pounds and suits into the palm of your hand, making it ideal for joist hangers, metal straps, and pole barn assembly. 

 The A20 eliminates the possibility of marred paintings surfaces that regularly result from errant hammer blows because moderate hand strain is all that’s had to activate this tool. A leather grip included. It’s backed with the aid of a 1-year warranty.


  • Drives bulk nails from 5d to 70d
  • Balanced 2.five pound weight
  • Soft rubber palm pad for cushty grip
  • Magnetic nail manual for quicker and less complicated driving
  • Leather grip reduces fatigue

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Palm Nailer

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Palm Nailer

The M12 Palm Nailer affords a transportable answer to professional nailing programs without the problem of an air compressor or hose. The compact length makes this device locations unreachable by means of a way of life nail gun, even as the powerful impacting mechanism handles the most difficult of tasks. The M12 Palm Nailer also features an onboard gas gauge, LED work light, and a convenient hand strap to ensure the highest degree of protection and productivity for the user.


  • Voltage 12V, BPM 2700 BPM, Blow Energy 2-1/5 ft/lbs, Collet Capacity 6D-16D
  • LED Light: Yes Battery:(1) M12 REDLITHIUM™ Battery.

Freeman Pneumatic Mini Palm Nailer

Freeman Pneumatic Mini Palm Nailer

The Freeman PMPN Pneumatic Mini Palm Nailer with Magnetic Tip is a small yet effective air hammer to help you on your hammering needs. There is no need to swing a hammer in tight areas or difficult to reach areas. This palm nailer is well suited with 6D-16D nails from 2″ to 3-1/2″. 

 A magnetic tip allows you to vicinity the nail inside the tip of the gun, vicinity it where you want to power the nail and apply mild pressure, letting the nailer do the work for you. Other convenient functions of this nail gun include a comfortable rubber grip design, an ergonomically engineered body wonderful for prolonged use, and an inner air filter and anti-dust cap to preserve particles out of the device. 

 The Pneumatic Mini Palm Nailer with Magnetic Tip is a light-weight, long-lasting and easy to use tool to help in your constructing needs.


  • Nailed It: The Freeman PMPN Pneumatic Mini Palm Nailer with Magnetic Tip is a small however effective hammer to assist you when running in tight areas and difficult to attain areas. It’s lightweight with an ergonomically designed body and can cope with nails from 6D to 16D, and as much as 3-1/2″.
  • Pro Design: This powerful and sturdy palm nailer features high exceptional internal elements and a lightweight, ergonomic design weighing in at below two pounds. It comes with the whole lot you need to hammer in hard to reach places, with air tool oil and adjustment gear included.
  • The Right Tool for the Job: We’re dedicated to providing extremely good value, top tier customer service and lengthy-lasting, high pleasant products. We make nailers and staplers for every purpose, from roofing to siding to floors and everything in between.
  • Quality and Durability: We manufacture equipment with the maximum long-lasting materials below strict fine manage guidelines, suitable for professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike. Our gear is sold, distributed, serviced, and warrantied inside the USA.
  • Tough and Dependable: We make an array of long-lasting construction gear and accessories, which includes staplers and nailers for siding, floors, framing, finish, and roofing.

Buyer’s Guide To Palm Nailer

When trying to purchase a palm nailer, you could find it difficult to compare models. Even when searching at our listing of the five pleasant palm nailers, you can see similarities among the products. So, which features are maximum crucial when shopping a palm nailer? Below, you’ll see the capabilities which you’ll most need to recall. 

  • Finding the maximum cushty fit 

The primary benefit of palm nailers is that they may be hand-held, permitting you to access otherwise tough spaces. As you can imagine, retaining onto something for so long can be tiring. One of the maximum critical functions that you’ll want to consider is comfort.

Many of the quality palm nailers include rubber grips or straps that make it less complicated to preserve the product. Otherwise, you’ll need to take frequent breaks, which ought to sluggish down your venture of completion time considerably.

  • Interchangeable Heads 

Another especially critical feature is whether or not you may alternate the heads of the nailer. The great palm nailers come with interchangeable heads, allowing you to work with an array of various nails. If the nailer does now not include interchangeable heads, you’ll find yourself critically restricted in the sort of nails that you can use.

  • Nail Compatibility 

You’ll also need to don’t forget the size of the nails you’ll be the usage of. The pleasant palm nailers let you work with nails of various widths and lengths. If you’re purchasing a palm nailer for a particular venture or mission, make certain that the gadget will meet your needs. If you’re buying one to have for a couple of projects, it is able to be well worth your whilst to put money into one with complete nail compatibility.

  • Driving Depth 

If you do no longer insert your nails far sufficient into the wood, you’re going to have to eliminate the nails and attempt again. Make certain that your palm nailer has sufficient driving intensity to lock the nails you desire to use. One of the first-rate approaches to measuring this is by looking at the stress that each device exerts.

  • Safety Features 

Like any nail gun, palm nailers should pose safety trouble if now not handled correctly. The guns use compressed air to shoot sharp items at a high rate. You should always ensure which you use the right eye and ear safety when the use of a palm nailer.

  • Swivel Support 

Another component that you could need to don’t forget is whether the palm nailer has 360-diploma swivel support. If it has this capability, you’ll discover it much less complicated to manoeuvre through challenging areas, as you may twist and bend freely to insert the nail.

  • Weight 

The last element you’ll want to recall is the burden of the unit. The best palm nailers weigh around one pound, making it easy to apply them anywhere and maintain them for extended periods. The heavier the palm nailer is, the more challenging it will be so that you can use. A lighter palm nailer ought to reduce your danger of a muscle strain or wrist sprain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use plastic-capped nails in my palm nailer? 

Whether you may use plastic-capped nails for your palm nailer relies upon at the energy of the plastic cap. Because the nailer shoots at such high pressures, you run the hazard of shattering the plastic. Check with your manufacturer before attempting to shoot plastic-lined nails on your palm nailer.

  • Will a palm nailer update my nail gun?

 In short, probably now not. The primary gain of palm nailers is that they will let you insert nails in regions that are difficult to reach. If you’re using a palm nailer, it’s possibly due to the fact a nail gun does now not fit successfully inside the space in which you’re working.

However, the most giant downside to palm nailers is the fact that you have to load them one nail at a time. Nail guns can help you paintings much greater quickly, as you could insert a couple of nails at once. If you can use a nail gun, it’s possible in your exceptional interest to do so due to how much extra quickly you could work when using the device.

  • Will my palm nailer handiest paintings with wood surfaces? 

The form of surface that your palm nailer works with relies upon at the model that you purchase. The best palm nailers are powerful enough to puncture heavy-duty metal. However, these models may be a chunk costly. The average palm nailer ought to shoot through wooden and skinny metal, consisting of siding.