Best Pin Nailer Reviews | Buyer's Guide 2021
Best Pin Nailer

Best Pin Nailer Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

An electricity tool that appears very almost like a brad nailer used for delicate and discreet nailing may be a pin nailer is. they’re completely pneumatic strength equipment which needs a compressor to figure. Pin nailers commonly use an awful lot smaller 23-gauge headless pins to lock material and are even more correct than brad nailers or other nail gun types.

Pin nails (or pins) are often as brief as 3/8 inch and as long as 2 inches. At 23-gauge, the pins of a pin nailer are almost invisible to the bare eye and as small as a stitching needle.

In your all exact woodworking programs a pin nailer performs quite well for instance window beading, ornamental trim, fixing moulding and constructing image frames.

Hitachi NP35A Pin NailerHitachi NP35A Pin Nailer

The Hitachi NP35A 1-3/8-Inch Pin Nailer fires 23-gauge headless pins which produce near-invisible holes. The NP35A magazine automatically adjusts to 5/8-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch, 1-3/16-inch and 1-3/8-inch fastener lengths for use on a wide variety of projects. The large housing shield, removable nose plate and rear exhaust protect delicate work surfaces from costly damage. 

Features such as a visual reload indicator, adjustable depth of drive and large-capacity magazine reduce downtime and offer convenience to the user. Lightweight and compact, the NP35A may be used in a variety of applications including cabinets, panelling, small mouldings, trim, glazing bead, craftwork and picture framing. This package comes with safety glasses, 1/4-inch NPT male plug, no-mar tip, hex bar wrench and carrying case. 

The large fastener capacity means fewer reloads and less downtime. Also, the depth adjustment is used for flush drives into a variety of surfaces. The Hitachi NP35A 1-3/8-Inch Pin Nailer tool is warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5-years from the original purchase date. 

In addition, any pistons, drivers and O-rings associated with this tool are covered by a 90-day limited warranted. Hitachi Power Tools provides professional-grade power tools for a variety of applications, including woodwork, metalwork, concrete, drilling, cutting and fastening. 

Hitachi is a leader in power tool research and development and has achieved many firsts in the power tool industry. Today, Hitachi continues the tradition of innovation and engineering with new features in addition to classic quality.


  • Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT. Same great tools, with only a new name.
  • Large fastener capacity for fewer reloads and less downtime
  • Magazine automatically adjusts to 5/8 inches, 3/4 inches, 1 inch, 1 3/16 inches and 1 3/8 inches fastener lengths for use on a wide variety of projects
  • The dual trigger for safe and accurate placement of fasteners
  • Rear exhaust directs oil and debris away from the work surface
  • Depth adjustment for flush drives into a variety of surfaces
  • Reload indicator for easy visual recognition of low nail quantities to avoid dry firing
  • Removable nose plate for easy jam clearing
  • Large housing shield protects the work surface.

Grex P635 23 Gauge 1-3/8-Inch Length Headless PinnerGrex P635 23 Gauge 1-3/8-Inch Length Headless Pinner

For finishing, detailed woodworking, and fastening of delicate, thin, and small wood pieces without splitting, the Grex P635 Headless Pinner makes the process of pinning easy. This innovative tool accommodates long pins up to 1-3/8 inches for a stronghold, and the magazine self-adjusts to different fastener sizes, so you’ll never need to make any adjustments for pin lengths. Powerful enough to penetrate hardwoods, the P635 works securely with built-in double-trigger safety.

The magazine auto-adjusts to the different fastener sizes, quickly pushing pins to the necessary position. Unlike old-style pinners, the P635 does not require you to make any adjustments for the pin lengths; it’s an easy load-and-go tool for quick, convenient, and trouble-free loading and reloading.

Ideal for detailed woodworking and finish work, the P635 gives you the flexibility and power you need to tackle a host of pinning jobs. Equipped with an industrial-strength motor, this pinner easily penetrates hardwoods such as oak and beech. 

And even with its high-power performance, the P635 allows for fastening of delicate, thin, and small wood pieces without splitting–something that’s simply not possible with larger fasteners.


  • Lightweight Body with Narrow Nose for Easy Maneuvering
    Weighing only 2.21 pounds, the P635 keeps you working comfortably when you’re performing extended or overhead pinning jobs. And with its narrow nose and short length (less than eight inches), this pinner is perfect for accessing tight spaces, and the rear cut-away magazine helps the tool reach into corners.If you frequently perform detailed trim work, this pinner’s compact design gives you the control and flexibility you need to create an attractive finished product. And for jam clearing, the P635’s removable nose cover provides easy access. The hex key to remove the nose cover is conveniently stored on the rear of the magazine.
  • No-Mar Tip and Safety Trigger Provide Clean, Safe Performance
    If you want to avoid visible holes or splits in a finished piece, the P635 is a great choice. The pinner is similar to a finish or brad nailer, but it uses smaller nails, so it fires fasteners that hardly leave a trace. Despite being a very thin headless fastener, the tool uses 23-gauge headless pins that provide a significant amount of holding power when driven incorrectly. And because the pins leave holes that are practically invisible, there is no need for puttying and sanding. This means you’ll achieve better-looking results while saving time.
  • Great for a Variety of Uses: From Frame Assembly to Joint Pinning
    The P635’s many capabilities give you the freedom to use it in a variety of situations, covering your pinning needs everywhere from craft shops to construction sites. Grex recommends the pinner for the following applications: finishing, moulding, decorative trimming, lightweight panelling, dowel and joint pinning, window beading, display and sign creation, and assembly of mirrors, picture frames, rattan furniture, and more.

BOSTITCH Pin Nailer 23 GaugeBOSTITCH Pin Nailer 23 Gauge

The Bostitch HP118K 23-Gauge 1/2-Inch to 1-3/16-Inch Headless Pin Nailer delivers the accuracy and comfortable handling you need to make quick work of detailed finish, trim, and woodworking projects. 

This pin nailer offers you the power of pneumatic action backed by Bostitch’s long history of producing innovative fastening technology for dependable on-the-job performance.

The Bostitch HP118K is well-suited for use with slim or delicate materials that might be split by an 18-gauge nail or brad. With this tool and set of 23-gauge pin nails, you can save time and money by preventing damage to work surfaces. 

An ideal choice for woodworking applications, the HP118K provides effective fastening for glue sets that are tough or impossible to clamp, and it will help you avoid the witness marks or holes that can be left by other driver heads, letting you create clean finished products.

Designed to keep you in control at all times, this nailer offers an adjustable high/low power control that sets pin depths without requiring you to adjust your compressor setting. It backs this precision with the ability to deliver 60 in./lbs. of driving power, so you can be sure that each pin is securely seated.


  • 1/2 Inch to 1 3/16 Inch 23 Gauge Pin Nailer, Low Profile Nose Piece Tapers for Clear Site
  • Adjustable High/Lower Power Switch for Depth Control and Longer Life
  • Lightweight and Durable Aluminum Housing
  • Includes Nailer, 1/4 inch Air Fitting, Oil, Nail Selection, Carrying Case, and Belt Hook
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty.

Cadex Gauge Pinner / Brad Pin NailerCadex Gauge Pinner / Brad Pin Nailer

Lightweight & well balanced Fine precision nose for easy aiming Rear exhaust Swivel coupler plug No-mar soft plastic nose tip Contact safety Built-in belt hook Magazine sight window Comes with sustainer case. Built-in blow gun Anti-dry fire mechanism


  • Comes with deluxe SYSTAINER case
  • Built-in blowgun, anti-dry fire
  • Rear exhaust, swivel coupler
  • Contact Safety (cannot fire unless pressure on the nose).


The Porter-Cable PIN100 1/2-Inch to 1-Inch 23-Gauge Pin Nailer takes care of all of your finishing projects, such as crown moulding and other mouldings, and does it quickly and efficiently. It uses a dual trigger feature to fire the 23-gauge micro pin nails from the 170 pin bottom load magazine. This smart pin nailer even recognizes the length of the nail and automatically adjusts accordingly. The rubber comfort grip ensures hours of easy operation.


  • Uses 23 ga. micro pin nails from 1/2-inch to 1-inch long similar to Senco models
  • The tool automatically adjusts for different fastener lengths for easier loading
  • Convenient bottom-load magazine holds 170 micro pin nails
  • Dual trigger feature
  • Low nail reload indicator; Rubber comfort grip on the tool handle.

Fasco 11297F Gauge Headless PinnerFasco 11297F Gauge Headless Pinner

FASCO F23 A64-50PB Pinner Lightweight and powerful micro pinner/bladder automatically adjust for different fastener lengths. Lock-out for prevention of dry firing plus a rear exhaust with muffler. A No-Mar tip with a handy belt hook and steel driver blade make this powerhouse tool exceptionally versatile. Accepts all 23 gauge micro pins and brads from 1/2-Inch to 2-Inch leg lengths without magazine adjustment.


  • Pinner accepts all 23 gauge micro pins
  • 1/2-inch to 2-inch capacity
  • Automatically adjusts for different fastener lengths
  • Lock-out feature prevents dry firing
  • Rear exhaust with muffler.

VonHaus 18V Li-Ion Cordless Pin NailerVonHaus 18V Li-Ion Cordless Pin Nailer

Get professional action from this superb medium-duty cordless nailer from VonHaus. The VonHaus 18V Li-ion Cordless Nailer Stapler gives you two tools for the price of one, enabling the insertion of both staples and brad nails into a variety of substrates.

The cordless action means the stapler can be used in locations where no mains power is connected or where you need a lighter and more agile response – around awkward beams, for instance – ideal for upholstery and crafts.

The 2.0Ah Li-ion, 18V battery has plenty of power and can quickly be recharged using the charging unit (spare batteries can be obtained separately). 

The tacker nose enables precise positioning of staples and gives the user full control of the stroke release thanks to the two-stage push-and-release system. Adjust tacker strength via the dial to suit different materials – from foil and fabric to wood and walls.


  • 23 GAUGE PIN NAILER – Refined firing mechanism reduces recoil. Compatible with 23 gauge nail lengths of 3 different lengths 5/8”, 1″, 1-1/4” – most effective for small and medium-size moulding on cabinets, furniture and interior millwork
  • CORDLESS OPERATION – 18V lithium-ion battery features a charging status light system. This battery is also compatible with VonHaus 9100079 18V cordless heat gun & 9100100 18V Cordless Nailer Stapler for multi-task projects. Spare batteries sold separately. Charge time: 90 mins. Rated Firing Speed: 20pcs/min
  • IMPACT STRENGTH ADJUSTMENT – simple twist control mechanism for impact force adjustment, ensuring a flush finish with various materials. Not for use on hardwoods.

Buyer’s Guide Pin Nailer

Fastener length- Acceptance ability of a wide sort of pin length generally taken into consideration the primary priority of a pin nailer. The ideal size of the pin starts at least half inch and as a minimum 1 inch. You are golden if it gives 3/8 – 2 inches pin length.

  • The ability of Magazine– Reload often means sluggish progress. A perfect pin nailer must hold at the least a hundred micro pins (if better) before a recharge. It will add the value of a pin nailer mag comes with an indicator. Find a pin nailer that has been designed for brief loading.
  • Rear exhaust – Cleanliness is an essential option. After each firing pin nailers exhaust air and oil out. Pointed away from the user or adjustable feature are the requirement of the air exhaust.
  • Control of Depth– The depth manages adjustment is crucial when working with distinctive material of different thickness and density. However, if your pin nailer lacks a depth adjustment characteristic you’ll need to modify the PSI on your air compressor.
  • Warranty and durability– Last however no longer the least try to pick out your pin nailer from a reputed brand. Usually, they ensure a solid build construction of aluminium. A dependable manufacturer needs to offer as a minimum a yr warranty (if better).