Best Roofing Nailer Review | Buyer's Guide 2021
Best Roofing Nailer

Best Roofing Nailer Review | Buyer’s Guide

The roofing nailer is a pneumatic nailer used for nailing roofing materials. Roofing nailers usually include a coil mag for quicker nail transport that accepts 15-degree twine collated fasteners. The nail sizes vary from as small as 7/8 inch to as long as 1-3/4 inches. Almost all fashions are air-powered (pneumatic) and require 70 – one hundred twenty PSI of pressure to paintings making them very powerful nailers.

There are many ones of kind applications and projects in which this kind of tool will assist you to be more efficient and effective in completing the task you are working on. You might be wondering, though, what is the Best Roofing Nailer out inside the market today?

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Within this guide, we’ll move over some key components of what you need to be looking for, as well as presenting your reviews of five one of a kind roofing nail guns.

Bostitch Coil Roofing Nailer

Bostitch Coil Roofing Nailer

Lightweight and durable, the Bostitch RN46-1 Coil Roofing Nailer is an ideal device for roofing, outdoors drywall, insulation board, and fibre cement applications. 

Amazingly powerful, the RN46-1 is capable of turning in 410 in./lbs. Of force at 100 psi. The RN46-1 gives contact ride firing, with the capacity to pressure up to a hundred nails per minute. Contact journey makes use of a bouncing movement alongside the workpiece and is notable for running on big areas, together with roofs. For shingle work, the RN46-1 features an incorporated, tool-much less gauge used to govern shingle spacing.

The RN46-1 permits for fast, device-loose intensity-of-force changes with its integrated intensity dial. The dial has five exclusive settings for finding the correct driving intensity for the job, which include flush mount driving, shallow driving, and countersinking.

A zero nail lock-out function eliminates dry firing whilst the mag is empty, and it also shows while it is time to reload. What’s more, a patented single-action side-load canister lets in for short and clean nail loading. You truly slide the mag door open, load the brand new coil of nails, and close the magazine door–it’s that clean.


  • 3/4-inch to 1-3/4-inch coil roofing nailer with lockout mechanism gets rid of firing when not full. Operating Pressure: 70 -a hundred and twenty psi
  • The adjustable depth control, full round driver, frame and magazine wear guards, aspect-load canister
  • Durable yet light-weight aluminium and carbide pointers for lengthy life. Magazine Angle – 15 Degree
  • Backed by using a seven-year limited warranty.

Hitachi NV45AB2 1-3/4-Inch Coil Roofing Nailer

Hitachi NV45AB2 1-3/4-Inch Coil Roofing Nailer

The NV45AB2’s “magazine, the intensity of force, and bulletproof layout are excellent; you can probably force an 18 wheeler over this device and it might still paintings,” Tools of the Trade Magazine, July/August 2005.

Lightweight and durable, the Hitachi NV45AB2 1-3/4-Inch Coil Roofing Nailer stands up to the elements and provides constantly accurate outcomes over the existence of the tool. An ideal tool for quite a few production projects, including setting up of asphalt roofing shingles and insulation boards, the NV45AB2 features a high-capacity side-load mag, depth of force, durable production, and more.

The NV45AB2 has been carefully tested in the maximum severe roofing environments, so you can assume it–no matter what the forecast is. Thanks to a pneumatic-powered nail-feed mechanism that removes dust and moisture from the nailer, you could make certain this tool will paintings in any weather.


  • High-Capacity Magazine and Quick-Driving Capabilities for Efficiency .The NV45AB2 capabilities a side-loading mag that accepts a hundred and twenty 7/8-inch to 1-3/4-inch-long coiled cord collation nails with 0.a hundred and twenty-inch diameters. The air inlet is 3/eight inch, and the ideal running air stress is 70-a hundred and twenty psi.
  • The NV45AB2 has a quick-driving feature that provides maximum performance while nailing big regions through permitting the nailer to shoot whenever the nose touches the work surface. The large carbide inserts on the nostril provide sturdiness and performance at some stage in operation.
  • Designed for Maneuverability: The Hitachi NV45AB2 1-3/4-Inch Coil Roofing Nailer is light-weight at just five.five pounds, so it’s clean to manoeuvre at the same time as operating on a rooftop. Its well-balanced design guarantees easy one-exceeded operation, and the long-lasting non-slip rubber-grip continues you comfortable and in control. Rubber at the nailer’s side lets in you to the region the tool on a roof without annoying about it sliding off.
  • The Hitachi NV45AB2 Roofing Nailer measures 9-27/32 x 4-5/eight x 10-3/8 inches (LxWxH). It is backed by way of Hitachi’s five-year confined warranty.
  • All-Weather Nailer You Can Count On
    The NV45AB2 has been rigorously tested in the maximum severe roofing environments so that you can anticipate it–no matter what the forecast is. Thanks to a pneumatic-powered nail-feed mechanism that removes dirt and moisture from the nailer, you can be sure this device will work in any weather.

Dewalt cordless roofing nailer

Dewalt cordless roofing nailer

The DEWALT DWFP12658 Coil Roofing Nailer has a compact frame layout for better stability and manipulates with competencies of 70-120psi, 3/4″ – 1-3/4″ nails, the potential of 120. It has a tool-free, adjustable shingle manual for correct shingle placement, together with a selectable trigger for clean exchange among sequential or contact mode. 

This unit also features a quick-set depth of power to save you unmarried damage, and skid-resistant pads / wear guards for protection and tool protection. The over-moulded grip is designed for consolation and manage.


  • Compact frame design
  • Tool-free, adjustable shingle manual
  • Selectable trigger, with a quick-set depth of power
  • Skid-resistant pads/Wear guards for protection and device protection
  • Over-moulded grip for comfort and control.

Wen 61782 Coil Roofing Nailer

WEN 61783 Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer

Nail shingles, insulation boards, water-resistant tar paper, fibre cement roofing, siding, vinyl and extra with the WEN Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer. The versatile mag holds up to 120 nails at a time, taking into account sizes of 11-gauge (.12 inches) nails starting from 3/4 of an inch all the way as much as 1-3/4 of an inch. 

Adjust the depth of the fired nails by using turning the depth-setting wheel observed on the head of the nailer. Clear jammed nails with the quick-release compartment on the side of the mag. The adjustable shingle manual easily slides up and down the lowest of the magazine to assist with brief and clean spacing for shingles of any size. This effective nailer provides up to 430-inch-pounds of force at a hundred PSI operating pressure, making sure your siding remains in place. 

The rubber grip handle enables restrict fatigue and maximize comfort during long jobs even as the turnable exhaust valve on top of the nailer we could users aim the route of the output air. With a 1/4-inch NPT air inlet, force fasteners the usage of pneumatic pressure everywhere from 70 to one hundred twenty PSI. 

This package also includes a bottle of oil, three assorted hex wrenches and a handy blow-mould wearing case for without problems transporting your nailer. And, because its a WEN product, your coil roofing nailer comes backed by way of a one-year assurance and a friendly client cellphone line all to ensure you keep in mind WEN.


  • Fire 11-gauge nails (.12 inches) everywhere from 3/4 to 1-3/4 of an inch
  • Adjustable shingle guide and intensity manipulate makes for clean shingle spacing at some stage in jobs
  • Holds as much as 120 nails at a time with a quick-release for without problems solving jams
  • Uses pneumatic working pressure everywhere from 70 to one hundred twenty PSI
  • Includes a blow mould sporting case, oil, and hex wrenches.

MAX CN445R2 SuperRoofer Roofing Nailer

MAX CN445R2 SuperRoofer Roofing Nailer

The CN445R is the contemporary version of the Max SuperRoofer. Max manufactured the first roofing nailer sold inside the US marketplace and we continue to enhance on our unique design. The CN445R is light-weight but very powerful. 

 The CN445R features dial adjustable depth manage, full spherical driver blade, fast fire trigger, inline filter, trigger lockout, true 360-Degree swivel fitting, the magnet in the nostril, shingle guide, shoots 3/4-Inch to 1-3/4-Inch roofing nails and patent-pending self-cleaning nostril. Shoots 3/4-Inch to 1-3/4-Inch roofing nails.

 The MAX CN445R3 SuperRoofer is a pinnacle of the line professional grade pneumatic roofing nailer. The programs for the CN445R3 include fastening asphalt and fibreglass shingles, fastening lath cord to plywood, the set up of siding, and wooden box assembly. 

 The CN445R3 is prepared with a swivel plug to alleviate the tangling of the air hose and also features a trigger lock to save you unintentional firing of the device.


  • Tar Resistant Nose (Patent Pending) The nose of the CN445R is designed to face up to tar 4 instances longer than traditional tools
  • Maintenance-free end cap filter (US Patent 5637125)captures dust and sand down to microns
  • Dial Adjustable Depth Control Dial depth control calls for no unique tools, providing correct depth control
  • MAX is referred to as the quality, sturdiness and characteristic leader in the pneumatic device production world.

Senco Roof Pro 455XP Nailer With Sequential Actuation Trigger

Senco Roof Pro 455XP Nailer With Sequential Actuation Trigger

The Senco Roof Pro 455XP Nailer with Actuation Trigger 3D0101N is easy to apply with a tool-loose adjustable intensity of drive for steady and controllable nail set.

Roofer’s nails are essential due to the fact they’re the quality tool to drive nails to asphalt or fibreglass shingles. It may be tough to select that is the pleasant roofing nailer for your process due to the fact there’s this type of wide variety of extremely good brands at the market. 

Senco Industrial Tools is a consumer-centred emblem that consistently works hard to preserve their middle values of integrity, honesty, moral behaviours and appreciates with clients around the world. According to their website, Senco has been pioneering innovative solutions to sensible challenges because 1935, making job sites everywhere in the world more secure and extra efficient.

There are masses of design features that make this nailer easy to use, just like the 360-diploma rotating exhaust and easily adjustable depth pressure. It’s the small features like this that make the Senco Roof Pro 455XP Nailer with Sequential Actuation Trigger 3D0101N such an effective and convenient power tool


  • Depth can be adjusted without the want for any secondary device 
  • Adjustable nail canister 
  • Magazine ability of 120 nails 
  • Case included

Buyer’s Guide to Roofing Nailer

Buying a roofing nailer is a quite huge selection. It not only can value a lot of money, but it also involves something that continues the rain from falling on you. It’s not a selection to make lightly.

We’ve put together this little buyers’ guide with that during mind. You will need a whole lot of statistics in a rush to get the right version for you, and then except misfortune strikes, it’ll be something which you won’t consider for a few years.

  • Pneumatic vs. Cordless

There are basic kinds of roofing nailers. Pneumatic roofing nailers use compressed air to force nails in. They require a hose connecting the gun to the source of the compressed air. A cordless roofing nailer makes use of canisters of butane gas to fill an internal chamber and a spark to ignite it in order that the rapidly expanding gasoline pushes a piston onto the nail head.

Pneumatic nailers provide more regular pressure over a longer period. You don’t need to swap out batteries or gas canisters and can just circulate down a row of shingles at a quite accurate clip. But, you’re also working up high, and while you may get the air compressor up to wherein you’re operating that may be awkward or even dangerous.

Cordless roofing nailers offer a greater variety of work, which if you’re working on a huge roof can be a brilliant plus. You should change our batteries and fuel canisters, which takes time, however, you also don’t ought to worry about the area of the hose.

  • Versatility of materials 

The cloth that your shingles are manufactured from will be decided to a massive extent by using the weather you live in. So, you’ll need to discover a roofing nailer that may accommodate the ones you’ll install. The same goes for the nails.

  • Ease of loading 

When looking for nail guns, it’s usually an excellent idea to make certain that it’s not a pain in the neck to load. Loading coils of nails takes up time you likely would instead spend nailing stuff in place. When it involves roofing, that’s in particular so. 

You are running at height, this means that you’ve lost the luxury of being able to easily pick something up that you’ve dropped. Look for a roofing nailer that cuts the time and decreases the problem related to reloading.

  • Weight and comfort 

The perfect roofing nailer is compact for on-the-roof portability and lights sufficient that it won’t be a chore taking it up and down. In fact, it’d be a true idea to visit a local save that sells roofing nailers and take a look at out the models they have so that you get a suitable idea for what feels cushty to you.

  • Price 

Roofing nailers are quite specialized tools. They also can be quite expensive. While we wouldn’t advise that you skimp on quality, we would advocate that if you’re looking for a tool line where you may look for a bargain, it’s this one. Unless you’re a professional, you probably just won’t get sufficient use out of it to warrant breaking the bank. Find the few key capabilities you need and get yourself the satisfactory deal possible.

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Nail weapons are a popular go-to for constructing projects, however, what many human beings fail to realise is that they can be surprisingly specialized for unique task loads. The cause of a nailer is to drive a nail into the surface of whatever it is you are working on, and no longer all guns can support all sizes of nails. Therefore it’s miles crucial to select the form of nail gun this is most useful and powerful enough to work with both the materials you are the use of and the job you want to be completed.