Best Spindle Oscillating Sander | Buyer’s Guide

We will keep updating it on a regular basis and this has been already updated 19 times. You can rely on one of these Spindle Oscillating Sander reviews for reliable performance, whether creating curves or rounding off edges. The uneven wear down of the abrasive is ensured by the oscillating action and a consistent scratch pattern is produced along the length of the workpiece, resulting in the look of fine craftsmanship. 

The unrivaled top pick for dealing with curves is the Spindle sanders (also called oscillating spindle sanders). These machines turn seriously hard work into child’s play, by any round shapes and any other large project like cabinet doors when it comes to sanding curves.

A sanding drum that protrudes from the middle of the machine’s tabletop that not only spins around but also oscillates up and down is used to guarantee a clean and smooth sanding result.

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Grizzly Industrial G0723-1/4 HP | Benchtop Oscillating Sander

From a vast variety of drum sizes and a slower oscillating speed for perfect finishes that are available in the market, this is the Grizzly Industrial G0723-1/4 HP Benchtop Oscillating Sandersander for you if you are searching for a Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander with a cast iron table! 

It is a tabletop variant sander and multi-adaption functionality is offered to make it a top choice for any consumer imaginable.  Then in the middle of the pack, the price comes out. It comes with a very easy learning curve but offers high-end functionality. Grizzly has once again impressed us all, boasting a powerful motor and one of the best oscillations we’ve seen thus far.

The Grizzly G0723 Spindle Oscillating Sander is a great benchtop version that has all of the top bells and whistles that make it appeal to a wide user base. The versatility and functionality of the G0723 prove that it’s not only powerful as it offers superior performance. A ½-HP motor which is plenty of power for any DIY project is featured and can be used as a production type spindle sander and beginner tool alike.


  • Motor: 1/4 HP, 120V, single-phase, 2.6A
  • 1725 RPM (no load): Spindle speed
  • 1″: Spindle stroke
  • 30 SPM: Spindle oscillations:
  • 1/2″: Spindle diameter
  • Hard, 4-1/2″ tall:Sanding sleeve type
  • 2″: Dust port size
  • 56 lbs: Approximate shipping weight

What’s’ In the box:

  • Rubber sanding drums*6
  • 100-grit sanding sleeves*6
  • Spindle washers*5
  • Table inserts*5

WEN 6510T 3.5 Amp | Spindle Oscillating Sander

Have had to sand those rounded workpieces by hand? You will simplify the daunting task of sanding down curves, arcs, contours,WEN 6510T 3.5 Amp Oscillating Spindle Sander and other odd shapes with the WEN Spindle Oscillating Sander. Up to 58 oscillations and 2000 rotations per minute with a 5/8 inch stroke is generated by our quiet 1/2HP 3.5 Amp motor

The package includes six easy-to-change sanding sleeves is encompassed in the package to allow for a full range of curves that match whatever the situation calls for. The option to attach a dust extractor to collect sawdust is provided by The ultra-convenient dust port, ensuring a cleaner work surface while minimizing clean-up after the project.

For optimal compatibility with any size of the workpiece six different-sized sanding sleeves (1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2, and 3 inches in diameter) are featured and five different rubber drums are featured by the WEN Oscillating Spindle Sander. Expect the WEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle Sander to deliver the right size drum for the job no matter whatever the shape your project is.


  • 58 OPM and 2000 RPM provided by powerful 1/2 HP 3.5 amp motor
  • For all accessories along with a dust collection port for hooking in a cloud of dust, extractor features onboard storage
  • To minimize clean-up attach the dust collector of your choice to the onboard dust port
  • Backed by a two-year warranty

What’s In the Box

  • 3.5 Amp Spindle Oscillating Sander
  • six easy-to-change sanding sleeves
  • 1.5-inch dust port

Fox W1831 1/2 HP | Single Phase Oscillating Spindle Sander

For smoothing edges after cutting with a bandsaw or scroll saw, this benchtop Oscillating Sander is ideal. Even sanding is ensuredFox W1831 1/2 HP Single Phase Oscillating Spindle Sander by Fifty-eight oscillations per minute.  Sanding a full range of inside curves down to 1/2-inch diameter is let by six sanding sleeve diameters.

This compact sander will handle just about any sanding task you throw at it with six sanding sleeve diameters. Keeps sanding spindles, sleeves, table inserts, and spindle washers are kept organized and easily accessible by the on-board storage

To close the gap between the table insert and drum, the various inserts included with the W1831 are used and that reduces the risk of pinching and offers more work support for your sanding jobs.

Ensures a cleaner shop and less airborne dust particles when connected to a dust collector is ensured by the built-in 1-1/2-inch dust port. protection against unauthorized use is provided by The locking power switch with a removable key and plenty of work support is offered by heavy-duty cast iron table; all which make this a great benchtop machine.


  • 1/2 Horsepower Permanent Magnet Motor
  • 120-Volt, Single Phase
  • CSA Certified
  • 11-1/2-Inch W x 15-Inch L x 1-5/16 H: Table Size
  • 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″ and 3″:Sanding Drum Diameter
  • 4-1/2-Inch: Sanding Drum Length
  • 30-Pound: Weight

What’s In the box

  • Rubber sanding drums*5
  • Sanding sleeves*6
  • Table inserts*6
  • Spindle washers*3

Triton TSPS450 450W / 3.5 Amp | Oscillating Spindle Sander

When the first Workstation was produced, at the very heart of Triton’s philosophy has been precision since 1976. With this Triton Oscillating Spindle Sanderphilosophy at the forefront of every project, Triton tools continue to be built being designed in Australia 

Outstanding performance and a precise finish to every woodworking project are offered by Triton’s Spindle Oscillating Sander. For the larger stock, stability and enhanced material support are provided by the cast iron table. The drum up and down during rotation by the oscillating action, the static friction is reduced and that causes burning and eliminating band marks. Spreading the wear across a broader surface extends the life of the sanding sleeve.

Supplied matching rubber drums and table inserts with 6 sanding sleeves are supplied. To provide a professional finish to internal as well as external profiles, the Triton Spindle Oscillating Sander is well equipped. For the precise needs of each woodworking project, the matching of the optimum size of the sleeve.


  • For sanding contours, arcs, curves & other irregular shapes, it is Ideal
  • For increased speed, efficiency, and a precision finish
  • Powerful 3.5A (450W) motor
  • No Load Speed – 2000 RPM 
  • Oscillation Speed – 58 OPM
  • With matching rubber drums & table inserts, includes 6 sanding sleeves
  • On-board storage for all accessories.
  • Sleeve Range – 1/2 – 3 inches

A professional finish is delivered to every project. From the Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander, outstanding performance can be expected. For burning and eliminates band marks on both internal and external profiles, the oscillating action in combination with the rotating drum reduces the chance.

The woodworkers are provided the flexibility to select the optimum sleeve size for the precise needs of every project by theTSPS450, with 6 different sleeve sizes included. By the large 11 ½” x 14 ½” cast iron table, stability, and enhanced material support are provided. That special woodworking machine is this sander that helps every project look even better when finished.


EJWOX Portable | Handheld Oscillating Spindle Sander

It includes a 120V, 1800–3200 RPM and 50–90 SPM high speed rotating and oscillating action for burn-free sanding. 1/2″, 3/4″, EJWOX Portable Handheld Oscillating Spindle Sander1″, 1-1/2″ sanding sleeves, rubber pad, and clamps for table mounting are also encompassed in this. Quick changing of pre-loaded sanding drums is allowed by keyless locking bolt.

For accurate stock removal, an adjustable edge guide is present. Compact transport and effective dust extraction are allowed by a removable dust extraction port adaptor. It Minimizes clean up. Maximum control and precision are provided by Variable speed from 1800 – 3200rpm. For the perfect speed, every time, separate on/off switch and speed control dial is present. This is can be used for precise material removal and burn-free sanding.

In many sanding tasks diameters including 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″  are used. Quick-change rubber sanding drums and sanding sleeves. It Weighs 5 lb. A 5A motor,1-1/2″ dust port is included in the sander. With 4 sanding sleeve diameters, this compact sander will handle just about any sanding task you throw at it


  • 5A,120V: Motor 
  • 5 lb: Weighs
  • Orange & black: Colors
  • 12.8×11.4×4.5 inches: Set/packed size:


  • For fast sanding and improved work rate.Dual-action rotating and vertical oscillation
  • At a variable speed 1800 – 3200rpm, it is operated
  • Oscillates at 50 – 90opm with 650W motor.
  • For low vibration and improved user comfort, ergonomic rubber over-molded grips are present
  • The sander is converted into an effective bench-mounted spindle sander by the Non-slip bench mat and inversion clamps.

Delta Woodworking heavy-Duty Oscillating Bench Spindle Sander

Delta Woodworking 31-483 Oscillating Spindle Sander is the most heavy-duty sander to keep in mind.  This includes an all-metal Delta Oscillating Bench Spindle Sanderbase and cast iron table, precision performance, and durability. To run this sander at 1725 rpmsIt utilizes a single-phase, ½ HP motor, making it run a bit cooler and it has a 15/16” stroke at 29 oscillations per minute, on the sleeves providing for a better length of wear.

Its value is boosted by its additional features and  2 ¼” dust port (expandable to 4”), an up to 45-degree tilting table, and 5 interchangeable spindles from ¼” up to 2” is included. For making them easily available for quick and easy change out, The onboard storage of spindles, washers, and discs is provided.5-year warranty is also provided to this unit.

It is relatively small, but not small enough to make it convenient, despite this being considered a heavy-duty spindle sander. Moving it from location to location is difficult because of its weight and considering it would be a mistake to consider it a portable device. As there is no 3” spindle available, it becomes another noticeable problem of this sander. This is a huge deterrence and something that diehard professionals depend on, for a heavy-duty spindle sander.


  • With 1,725-RPM spindle speed and 29 oscillations per minute by Powerful 1/2-HP, 115V motor
  • For minimum vibrationFully enclosed, heavy-duty steel frame construction is present
  • Precision ground cast iron table of 14-3/4″ x 14-3/4″ 
  • Prolonging the life of the sleeve 15/16″ oscillating action uses more of the sleeve
  • Accurate bevel sanding is allowed by 0° to 45° tilting table design
  • For accuracy and convenience, Positive stop at 90° and a large bevel scale is provided
  • Provides increased stability and long-lasting durability is increased by Heavy-duty, steel table support, and bevel system
  • For stability in bevel position, Twin locking handles are available
  • The main spindle is supported by Smooth precision ball bearings
  • The oscillations are driven by heavy-duty worm and gear mechanism
  • For all inserts, spindles, and wrenches, On-tool storage is available
  • Includes CSA Listed


  • Horsepower: 1/2-HP
  • Voltage: 115V
  • Phase: 1-Phase
  • Speeds: 1,7250RPM, 29-OPM with 15/16″ oscillation length
  • Table: 14-3/4″ x 14-3/4″
  • Table Height: 18″
  • Opening Diameter for Inserts: 5-1/2″
  • Spindle Length: 5-1/2″
  • Dust Port: 2-1/4″
  • Base Dimensions: 14-1/2″ L x 14-1/2″ W
  • Weight: 66 lbs.

What’s in the box

  • 5 interchangeable spindles 
  • 2 spindles, 
  • 4 inserts
  • power lock-off pin,
  • 2-1/4″ to 4″ dust port adaptor and
  • 3 wrenches

Rikon Power Tools 50-300, Oscillating Spindle Sander

For sanding curves, bevels, and just about any contour you can dream of, Rikon’s 50-300 Oscillating Spindle Sander is perfect. Rikon Oscillating Spindle SanderThis sander will provide a scratch-free finish. Due to the oscillating action of the spindle

No-load, no-burn shaping and finish sanding a snap on any straight or contoured edge is made by Rikon’s 50-300 Oscillating Spindle Sander. The rotation of the sanding drum is at 1700 rpm and oscillation is  15/16″ up & down (29 opm), and fresh, cool sandpaper that works far more efficiently than any fixed sanding drum is constantly presented by it.

A definite step up from cheaper, less sturdy plastic models is the unit’s beefy cast iron and steel structure.  For easily adjusting the table angle from 0 to 45 degrees, and locks securely at both front and back, a handy rack-and-pinion system is featured by the cast iron table. Spindles in 5 sizes, including 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″ and 2″ are equipped in the sander, and spindles up to 3″ diameter (available separately)will be accommodated. Exhaust sanding dust to your shop is allowed by  A 2″ dust port.


  • RIKON SPINDLE SANDER –  For the fast and accurate sanding of curved board edges, this Spindle Oscillating Sander is a specialized sander.
  • FAST AND ACCURATE –  While the spindle spins, providing more efficient abrasive cutting action, polishing sleeves that are mounted on the machine’s spindles oscillate up-and-down at the rate of 15/16”, 29 times per minute.
  • ALL STEEL –  From all steel and heavy-duty, this Spindle Oscillating Sander


  • Motor: 1/2 HP, 110V, 
  • Single Phase
  • 3 AmpOscillations 
  • Per-Minute: 29Spindle 
  • Speed: 1,700 RPM
  • Spindle Oscillation: 15/16″
  • Spindle Length: 4-1/2″ 
  • Table Size (L x W): 14-3/4″ x 14-3/4″ 
  • Table Tilt (Deg.): 0 – 45
  • Dust Outlet: 1-3/4″ ID or 2″ OD 
  • Shipping Weight: 80 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 Years

What’s In the box

  • Powerful ½ HP motor
  • all-steel gearing 
  • ample cast iron tilting table
  •  metal housing & 5 spindle diameters (½” – 2”) with 6 table inserts
  • Weighs: 76 lbs

JET 708404 Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander

the JET 708404 JBOS- Spindle Oscillating Sander ism a Built for durability and reliable performance a tool that you will have the JET Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sanderpleasure of using for a long time. for greater stability and longevity A 14 ¾” square cast iron table sits atop a base constructed of durable metal. powers the spindle on this unit at 2000 rpm is powered by Its single phase ½ HP induction motor and it has a full 1” spindle stroke for longer wear and less friction.

include 5 different spindle sizes from ¼” to 2” is included in the additional features of this heavyweight, but a 3” drum (not included) with spindle and washer storage on the unit itself will be accommodated. A tilting table for bevel sanding also comes with this sander, for keeping your workspace clean is also a part of the package, it will tilt up to 45-degrees and a 2” dust port.


  • Powerful Induction Motor for Reliable Performance
    A powerful 1/2 HP induction motor that easily handles all your sanding projects is equipped with The JBOS-5. You won’t have to worry about dust and debris falling into the motor and compromising your view of the workspace, or causing injuries and accidents because of the table inserts and a built-in, two-inch dust port.
  • Tilting Table for Bevel Sanding
    The JBOS-5’s table tilts to 45 degrees give you the flexibility to handle a variety of jobs and material sizes,.Bevel sanding projects are also accommodated by This tilting ability.
  • Safety Features for Smooth Operation
    The JBOS-5 boasts several innovative safety features designed for safe and smooth operation. First, Accidental start-ups are prevented by a removable on/off safety switch.  To keep spindles and table inserts handy and within safe and easy reach, there are also built-in storage racks. Finally, to keep the machine stable during use, the benchtop includes four non-skid rubber feet.
  • Quick Spindle Changes and a Scratch-Free Finish
    To deliver precise, quality results in less time, you can trust the JBOSS-5. For quick, easy changes, Spindles have threaded ends . A scratch-free finish is ensured by a one-inch spindle.

What’s in the Box 

  • Complete 1/4-, 1/2-, 5/8-, 1-1/2 
  • Two-inch spindle assemblies 
  • Two round table inserts
  • Two oblong table inserts

Buyer’s Guide to Spindle Sanders / oscillating sander: 

  • What advantages can you anticipate from a spindle sander?
    Round edges had to be sanded by hand, before Spindle Oscillating Sander, it was not only a more labor-intensive process, but the potential for less precision was more likely as well. When a spindle sander is in your shop, those issues change.
  • Does spindle sander reduce fatigue and strain?
    A lot of elbow grease is required for hand sanding, as the old-timers would say. It produces a lot of strain and fatigue in your hand, wrist, wrist, and arm. Though elbow grease might build character. finishing your project slows down by the fatigue of hand sanding and might even cause you to not do an adequate job of sanding.
  • Does a spindle sander work faster and with greater precision?
    The oscillation has a consistent stroke and the curvature of the drum is consistent because the sander drum turns at a consistent speed, and you get greater precision when you sand with less of a chance of over-sanding or under-sanding in certain areas. In addition, especially when you consider having to go back and fix errors, those consistencies work much faster than sanding by hand.
  • What Highlights Should You Look For In A Spindle Sander?
    Your needs, personal preferences and what your budget can handle will depend upon selecting the best sander as per your requirements. There are some general features to keep in mind when choosing the Spindle Oscillating Sander that will work best for you even if the criteria may vary from one individual to another. Let’s take a quick look at those features, which include:
  • Motor Capacity:
    Typically, Spindle Oscillating Sander motors run from ½ to 1 HP. A lower HP motor is often the better choice when it comes to lighter precision work whereas Spindle Oscillating Sander will be more powerful and better able to withstand a greater workload. It is related to RPMs, the more important result of how your sander is powered, which can speed up the sanding process.

  • Dimensions and Weight:
    When considering dimensions and weight, balance comes into play, a heavier machine provides greater stability and less vibration, though you will want a lighter machine if you have to move it around a lot. When it comes to dimensions the most important consideration is the dimensions of the sanding table, but storage and workspace are also certain considerations.

    You will want a larger table to accommodate those larger pieces If you work with wider and longer stock. That typically cast iron made larger tables, is going to significantly add to the overall weight of the unit as well.

  • Included Accessories
    Various sizes of drums for different types of curves and applications come with most Spindle Oscillating Sander. You are provided with greater versatility, with more accessories included.

  • Easy Changing:
    Something to keep in mind is Changing out the attachments and sleeves of various grit types and sizes. some manufacturers find a way as there really should not be many ways to make this complicated. Without a lot of effort, sleeves should easily slip onto the drums and easily lock in place. Drum changing should also be a relatively simple task as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Can replacement parts and sleeves be available for your spindle sander? 

    Getting replacement parts is a pretty necessary part of owning and using a Spindle Oscillating Sander as rubber drums do not last forever and neither do sleeves. It pays to glance around at your local hardware and home improvement stores to see which brands, sizes and extra accessories you can get your hands on without having to sit and wait on an order to come in before purchasing a spindle sander. 

  • In a spindle sander, Is a dust port really necessary?
    A dust port helps to clear away debris from the work surface while you work when it comes to planers, saws because the debris is often slivers and chunks of wood as well as dust. This is especially necessary. Many manufacturers do not include a dust port since a Spindle Oscillating Sander does not have larger debris. However, a dust port makes a lot of sense, when it comes to precision woodworking and keeping your work area clean
  • In a spindle sander, Is the tilting table necessary?
    There are occasions when sanding needs to be done at a particular angle, though it is not used a great deal of the time. To achieve a similar effect to what might be accomplished with a tilting table, many users make wooden sine plates or wedges with a particular angle and use them on a flat table. You will need several sine plates with different angles on them and you will have to keep track of them as an advantage of the tilting table over these sine plates is that it can be easily adjusted to varying degrees of tilt.
  • While using spindle sander, Are there any typical safety issues we should be aware of?
    It can be dangerous to operate if not used properly, as simple and non-threatening as a Spindle Oscillating Sander is. We should be aware of four specific Spindle Oscillating Sander safety rules.

    They are –
    Wrapping up of long hair or loose clothing in the spindle
    You have more control as is feedstock from right to left
    Try not to press excessively hard into the spindle as it can get the board and move the power of the spindle into slinging the board into you or others close by.