Best Wood Moisture Meter Review | Buyer’s Guide

Wood Moisture Meter is one among the foremost important tools within the realm of woodworking. Knowing if your wood is seasoned enough to be properly worked can assist you to confirm your project seems the way that you simply want it to show out. The best moisture meter for woodworking will assist you to confirm that you simply get consistent readings, allowing you to make consistent results.

The nine meters presented are listed from the lowest ranking to highest. The percentage score to the right of each brand is the overall score, which is based on the meter’s Objective Evaluation, Subjective Evaluation, and Accuracy.

Dr.meter (Pinless wood moisture meter)

Dr.meter best moisture meter for woodworking

Through HF electromagnetic waves without piercing material’s surface, Dr.meter Intelligent Moisture Meter is utilized to value the moisture percentage of timbers. Dr.meter MD918 Wood moisture meter has a wide measurement range 4~80%RH with the accuracy of 0.5%. 

As we know, moisture content affects the most important properties of timbers. For effectively using wood and wood-based objects, we require an efficient and reliable wood moisture measuring tool a touch like MD918.


  • Non-invasive and Non-marring: Get a precise reading without creating holes in walls, furniture or other expensive materials. By using HF electromagnetic waves, you’ll spare the effort of creating holes and having to affect the cleanup.
  • High Precision, Wide Compatibility: Get precisely the reading you would like, whenever. 
  • Temperature Compensation MD918 meter features a temperature compensation function that keeps the thing to be tested at an equivalent temperature a minimum of within 5 minutes to make sure more accurate readings.
  • Power Saving If you are not using the reader, its intelligent auto-off function will shut off the unit after 5 minutes of no use. Ultra-large LCD screen ensures clear readings albeit it’s during a dark space.
  • Calibration Indication Make sure you’re always in the know. The wood moisture meter will provide you with a warning for zero calibration, temperature calibration, and ATC overrunning (it alerts when the reading exceeds the upper limit of moisture content ratio).

General Tools MMD4E (Best moisture meter for woodworking)

General Tools MMD4E (Best moisture meter for woodworking)

The General Tools MMD4E  Moisture Meter gives correct moisture level observations to identify leaks, dampness and moisture in wood, walls, ceiling, carpet and firewood. It is an essential tool for assessing water damage and remediation efforts after flooding from storms, hurricanes, roof leaks or broken pipes to discover hidden water damage in floors, walls and under carpets. 

By checking suspicious water stains with a moisture tester round the house, you’ll determine whether the world is wet (a perfect tract for mould) or has long ago dried. This water leak detector is also helpful for brand spanking new home inspections and residential restorations, locating roof leaks or just to make sure firewood is prepared to burn. 

It also ensures the appropriate level of surface dryness before painting, sealing or treating wood or drywall. The moisture meter is straightforward to use: simply stick the chrome steel pins into the surface of what you’re measuring so as to urge a read-out. 


    • DETECT MOISTURE– Determine the moisture content of wood and other building materials (like drywall) or check water damaged areas to ascertain if moisture remains present
    • INITIAL STEP IN MOLD REDUCTION– By inspecting sceptical water stains using a moisture tester round the house, you’ll discover if the world is wet (a perfect tract for mould) or has long since dried
    • ACCURACY– Stick the chrome steel pins into the surface of what you’re measuring so as to urge a read-out. Full measurement range of 5 to 50% for wood and 1. 5 to 33% for creating objects as well as low, medium and high moisture tones and coloured green, yellow and red LED visual alerts
    • EASY TO READ AND USE– Large 0. 3 in. (8mm) high digits during a backlit LCD display for quick and straightforward viewing plus a hold function to freeze a reading, auto power off and a coffee battery indicator
    • INCLUDES- Extra 0. 3 in. (8mm) stainless steel pins, pra otprotectiveap that doubles as a calibration checker and a “9V” battery.

Upgrade Wood Moisture Meter (Best moisture meter for wood)

best moisture meter for wood

In the determination of moisture in wooden bamboo, paper products, and traditional appliances,this moisture detector may be a DC preventer wood moisture probe test, which may be widely utilized. Use it on firewood to ensure what you are burning is dry and won’t cause creosote build up in your chimney. Or before during your carpentry projects. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.


  • 8 material type selection of the Wood Moisture Meter are often applied to wood, perovskite, cement mortar, lime mortar, bricks then on
  • HD Digital LCD Display to obviously show the measurement. Data retention can be performed using the “hold” key
  • Protective test pin cover and silicone outer casing to guard the probe and portable water moisture tester from dust and damage
  • The power supply of wood moisture detector is 3 AAA batteries (included), low battery indicator, automatically pack up after 10 minutes.


NoCry Digital Moisture Meter (Wood moisture test meter)

NoCry Digital Moisture Meter (Wood moisture test meter) 

This moisture sensor helps find and pinpoint any slow leaks behind walls, under floors and above ceilings that can lead to water damage, momouldand mildew. Use it on firewood to ensure what you are burning is dry and won’t cause creosote build up in your chimney. Or before starting your carpentry projects – the possibilities are endless.


  •  HUMIDITY OBSERVATION WITH EXACT STUDY  – The built-in observator roughly calculate sand shows moisture, temperature, and ratio (RH) in your walls, floors and ceilings to decrease costly water destruction to your house.
  • 4 MEASUREMENT MODES FOR HIGHER ACCURACY – The precipitation tester settings are flexible for 100+ different substances – from hardwoods like teak, oak and log, to medium density woods like pine and mahogany, to mushy ones like plywood and cork, to construction materials like concrete, cement, and drywall.
  •  TO THE AMBIENT TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY, AUTO CALIBRATION IS PRESENT- Various moisture readers will exhibit false results if the ambient temperature isn’t the optimal 77℉, compelling you to manage the tool manually. This one auto-gauges itself – minimum effort for you.
  • FUNCTIONAL LCD DISPLAY –   it exhibits everything you’d desire to know: the moisture level, the temperature in C˚ and F˚, the active measurement mode and setting with
  •  2 brightness settings

Proster Handheld Wood Moisture Test Meter

Proster Handheld Wood Moisture Test Meter

Don’t smash the bank with this accessable Wood Moisture Meter that also gives perfection to the table. It can be used just on wood but on paper, cardboard, brick and plaster wall as well. The integrated pins have a variety of 0 to 99.9% wood and may be easily switched to the mode you favor . Every outcomes like shown on its huge HD LCD. 

The body is formed from an ABS plastic material, which should make this last for an extended time. When not in use, it automatically shuts off to conserve power. Overall, this is often a reasonable Wood Moisture Meter that gets the work done.


  • Wide Use This Digital Wood Moisture Meter is ideal for wood, firewood, logs, cardboard, paper then on.
  • High Accurate Measure Measuring wood by sensitive electrode pins at the range of 0-99.9% and accuracy is a smaller amount than ±0.5%.
  • 4 Modes you’ll switch different modes consistent with 4 wood groups, including approximately 50 species of wood, which makes measure more accurate.
  • Convenient Design Large HD LCD with Data Hold function to point out measure results; Auto power off to save lots of battery power (battery NOT include); Low battery icon display. Ergonomic design provides a great hand feeling.
  • Economic Material Created of ABS Plastic for high level longevity. Arrives with environmental covering..

Extech MO50 Compact Pin Wood Moisture Meter

With this convenient compact-sized Wood Moisture Meter take quick moisture level reference measurements on wood and building materials . The MO50 is straightforward to work and offers measurement digits, audible tones and ‘moisture drop’ icons to point moisture level content.

The MO50 is right for building restoration projects and applications where moisture detection on floors and under carpets is critical. A should-have device  for detecting the after-effects of water leakage behind walls and in ceilings.


  • Calculate Moisture Level in many objects
  • Moisture Icons provide a visible reference for low, medium, and high levels of moisture
  • Audible Alert Tone beeps quick like moisture level rises
  • Data Hold Function freezes readings on the splay
  • Compact, Durable, and Easy to Use

Digital Portable Firewood Wall Paper Water Moisture Tester

Dr.meter Digital Portable Firewood Wall Paper Water Moisture Tester

This high accuracy moisture tester MD-812 may provide accurate moisture level readings, which makes this Wood Moisture Meter great for new home inspections, locating roof leaks or even selecting dry lumber at the yard. Perfect to utilize in any industry.


  • Precise Measuring, wide selection Get an accurate reading, whenever . With a measuring range of 5% – 40% and accuracy to within 1%, you’ll be sure to know the exact status of your building materials, drywall, flooring, or other materials.
  • Includes Spare Pins Don’t let a broken pin slow you down. Always have a reliable and dealing meter because of the two spare integrated sensor pins we’ve included for your convenience. Powered by a 9V battery (Included).
  • Easy-Read LCD Thanks to the large LCD screen, the DrDreter Wood Moisture Meter will keep you in the know with the easy-to-read display. Plus, this Moisture Tester has an ergonomic size so you can fit it in one hand to squeeze into small spaces.
  • Detect Waterlogged Wood If you’re buying lumber, you need to be sure the materials are in good condition. Secure yourself by utilizing this Wood Moisture Meter to identify kind of waterlogged wood.
  • Variety of Uses Whether you’re checking on the status of a construction site or thinking about buying new lumber, don’t leave it up to guesswork. Use this meter for locating moisture in carpets, sub-flooring woodworking, in the construction and agriculture industries, as well as assessing damage after the coding.

Lignomat Wood Moisture Meter Mini-Ligno

Lignomat Moisture Meter Mini-Ligno E/D

The mini-Ligno E/D gives an instant, accurate moisture readings between 6-45%, indicated by a bright digital LED readout. Recommended for and craft-type or industrial application to measure moisture in lumber, veneer or fiberboard.

Features include a green cap that is a handle for straightforward probe insertion and covers the pins during transportation. Longer pins kept inside the meter for calculating thicker objects. To obtain readings the pins are pushed into the wood and therefore the unique toggle switch between the pins turns the meter on. Assembled in the US from German components


  • Measuring Range 6-45%
  • Built-in calibration
  • Calibration for domestic species
  • Measuring the depth of 3/16″ and 7/16″



Buyer’s guide to the Wood Moisture Meter

Things You Need to Remember While Buying a Moisture Meter

  • Types
    There are mainly two types of Wood Moisture Meter – one is pin type moisture meter and the other is a pinless moisture meter. The pin type moisture meter has a pair of probes that plunge into the test object and calculates the moisture level of that place. They give more accurate result but their downside is that you have to plunge pins into the materials to get the reading.The pinless moisture meter uses a high-frequency electromagnetic wave to detect the moisture level in the test object. You do not have to make any tiny hole in the test material if you use a pinless moisture meter. They are more expensive than the pinless moisture meter.For some test objects making tiny holes is not a big deal but for some object, you may not want to make any hole on its surface. In that case, what will you do? Will you buy two types of moisture meter? Well, some moisture meters come with both features of pinless and pin type moisture meter. You can buy this type of moisture meter if you need both types.
  • Accuracy
    You will not get a 100% accurate result from any kind of moisture meter – no matter how expensive it is or if it is made by the world-famous moisture meter manufacturer. It is impossible to manufacture a moisture meter that will give a 100% accurate result.The lower the error rate the better the quality of a moisture meter. It is wise to choose a moisture meter that is accurate to within 0.1% to 1%.
  • Test Material
    Most moisture meters work best for wood, concrete, and other building material.
  • Warranty and Guarantee Period
    Before buying a Wood Moisture Meter from a particular seller, it is wise to check the warranty and guarantee period . Also, do not forget to check the quality of their customer service.
  • Display
    Some moisture meter comes with an LED display and some LCD display. Though analogue and digital LED is also available, LED and LCD are more common than these two. It is totally up to you which one you will like to choose. You also should pay attention to the size of the screen and the resolution because the clarity and accuracy of the overall readings highly depend on these two parameters.
  • Audible Feature
    Some moisture meters have audible features. If you have to use your moisture meter in darkness or awkward situation where it is difficult to see the screen this feature will come to your help.
  • Memory
    Some moisture meters can save the readings for using later as references. It may not possible to carry a pen and writing pad everywhere.
  • Ergonomic Shape
    If the moisture meter does not have an ergonomic shape you may feel it difficult to use it. So check whether it has a convenient grip to hold it comfortably or not.
  • Weight and size
    A lightweight and small or medium size moisture meter is convenient to carry anywhere you want.
  • Battery Life
    Moisture meters run over the power of the battery. If your moisture meter has a long battery life and good power-saving feature it will serve you for a long time

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