Top 10 Best Cordless Hammer Drill

Cordless hammer drill provide the power you need to beat the toughest screws into position, or to make short work of sheetrock, wood, or even brick walls. However, shopping online for these tools can make it feel like you’re on the receiving end of one of them.

If you want to take back control of your shopping experience, then you need to find a resource that cuts through the misleading product descriptions you find online and gets right to the heart of what’s good and what’s not-so-great about each model.

Our analyses of the most reliable cordless hammer drill are intended to do just that and convince you what makes for a fabulous cordless hammer drill. We’ve also created a buyer’s guide so that you can learn everything you need to know about these tools before you buy them.

Makita XRH01Z Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill

The Rotary Hammer highlights a Makita BL Brushless Motor Technology for up to 50% extended work time. The XRH01Z is the first 1″ ability rotary hammer in the 18V cordless section. Makita XRH01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Hammer drill

The XRH01Z is by an active BL Brushless Motor with the changeable speed that gives 0-950 RPM, 4,700 BPM, and 2.0 Joules with up to 50% extended run period than contemporary Makita 18V LXT rotary hammers. 

Ease-of-use and efficiency features include 3-mode operation (rotation, hammering with rotation and hammer only), a large 2-finger trigger for more convenience and greater comfort, and a depth adjustment guide for increased drilling depth accuracy.


  • Productive BL Brushless motor is electronically managed to optimize battery energy usage for up to 50% extended run-time per energized.
  • The BL Brushless Motor reduces carbon brushes, allowing the BL Motor to run cooler and more efficiently for more lasting life
  • Small and ergonomic form at only 12-7/8″ long.
  • Measures only 7.2 lbs. with battery (battery not included) for decreased operator exhaustion.

Makita XRH06ZB | Rotary Cordless Hammer Drill

Makita created a new category in Cordless Hammer Drill with 18V LXT sub-compact accessories. Makita sub-compact provides users 12V managing with 18V appearance and agreement with the world’s biggest 18V cordless tool operation. The 18V LXT sub-compressed Brushless 11/16” rotary hammer (accepts SDS-Plus bits) is ideal for operating in compact areas and for overhead Makita XRH06ZB 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Sub-Compact Brushless Cordless 11/16" Rotary Hammer, Accepts Sds-Plus Bits, Tool Onlysituations. 

The XRH06ZB has an effective Makita BL Brushless motor for up to 50% extended working period, improved strength and speed, and more lasting tool life. It has a 2-mode performance for “rotation only” or “hammering with rotation”, with 0-680 RPM, 0-4, 800 BPM and .81 ft.Lbs./1.1 Joules of influence energy for quick and effective drilling. 

The small capacity and more moderate weight mean decreased weakness for executives, particularly for overhead purposes. Further characteristics incorporate a vibration-absorbing handle that moves independently of the motor and hammer device for increased operator convenience, as well as a changeable speed trigger, built-in L.E.D. lights, and one-touch sliding chuck for simple bit replacements. 

It’S part of Makita’s growing 18V LXT system, the world’s most comprehensive cordless tool system powered by 18V Lithium-Ion batteries. Makita 18V LXT batteries have the quickest charge periods in their classes, so they consume more extra time running and less time sitting on the charger. For refined tool display and extensive battery life, Makita designed Star protection Computer controls. 

Star protection is information technology that enables the Star Protection-equipped device and battery to change data in real-time and monitor conditions during use to protect against overloading, over-discharging and overheating. For improved versatility, the device can also be powered by Makita 18V LXT and small Lithium-Ion batteries with the Star logo on the battery giving Star protection within.


  • Brushless motor gives 0-680 RPM, 0-4, 800 BPM and .88 ft.Lbs./1.2 Joules of force energy for quicker drilling
  • Small and ergonomic form at only 10-3/4″.
  • Measures only 4.6 lbs. With battery (battery not involved) for decreased worker exhaustion.
  • Vibration grasping handles Motilities individually of the motor and hammer device for elevated worker satisfaction.
  • The electronically-controlled BL Brushless motor effectively utilizes power to meet torque and RPM to the changing requirements of the purpose.

Dewalt Max XR Hammer Drill | Best Cordless Hammer Drill under $100

The Dewalt Cordless Hammer Drill is a testament to how far portable tools have come in the past few years. The new DEWALT MAX XR Hammer Drill | Best cordless drill under $100brushless motor provides huge performance gains over the old design, and even though it provides more power, it also runs more efficiently, so you get more power and a longer runtime on a single battery. It weighs less than five pounds, making it a lightweight tool, and one that’s not going to wear you out quickly. Also included is a three-mode LED light, which allows you to work in darker conditions without stopping.

The three-speed transmission gets the job done, and does it efficiently, further increasing the amount of runtime you get out of this model. If you’re looking for a model that can go all day, this is one of your best portions. However, the bare tool is a little expensive, and we’d like it more if a battery was included for the price. However, it runs on DEWALT’s great 20V battery line, so there’s a chance you already own the batteries you’ll need. Overall, this is a fabulous cordless hammer drill, and notwithstanding its great cost, it’s the most proper design on the sale now.


  • High-performance transmission for quick utilization speeds and enhanced work period
  • High-efficiency brushless motor gives up to 57 percent more extra work period over brushed
  • 0 38,250 BPM for quick drilling in workmanship supplies
  • 3 Mode LED light with a Spotlight style
  • Battery sold separately
  • Battery & Charger Sold Separately
  • Most first battery voltage is 20 volts; Low voltage is 18.

Milwaukee 2607 Hammer Drill | Milwaukee Cordless hammer drill

Milwaukee has produced another powerful tool for intensive construction projects on the most rugged job sites. 2607-20 is a Milwaukee Cordless Compact Hammer Drillcordless hammer drill that is compact, less weight, and of exceptional performance. It can drill holes through softwood, hardwood, and masonry with ease, requiring you only to flip the mode selector switch on top of the drill.

Weighing in at only 3 pounds, you’ll be able to lug this around with you throughout the entire workday with minimal fatigue. If you can’t keep a grip on it, and it falls onto the ground from a ladder, you can rest assured that the all-metal gear casing will help keep the internal components protected from impact shock.

Even in sub-optimal conditions, like dark basements or crawl spaces, you’ll be able to do a proper job. The LED lighting located under the keyless chuck will keep your work illuminated and shadow-free, for accurate pilot hole drilling. Internally, 2607-20 has Redlink technology, which puts it into communication with the M18 batteries loaded into it. This communication prevents it from overheating, maximizing job site efficiency. Purchase the most desirable things for the relevant work, buy Milwaukee.


    You can shift within driving, drilling, and hammer drilling methods to make this tool tackle softwood, hardwoods, masonry, and also some metals with the guidance of the 18-position clutch
    Keep your work illuminated with the LED panel under the keyless chuck that prevents shadows from forming, so you can focus on the task at hand
    You can screw the incorporated belt clip onto both sides of the tool, allowing you put it on your belt within the simple path, no difficulty your handedness
    You’ll be relieved that this tool comes so strongly constructed when you’ve dropped it on the job and the motor keeps running at full speed
  • M18 COMPATIBLE: This Milwaukee Cordless hammer drill is agreeable with the M18 group of lithium-ion series.

Bosch HDS183-02 | Best Battery Powered Hammer Drill

The Bosch 18-Volt EC Brushless Small Tough 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill/Driver Kit incorporates a powerful and long-lasting Bosch Hammer Drill Driver Kitcordless device with KickBack Control, an open sensor that stops the drill’s rotation during bit bind-up situations, helping to reduce the risk of user injury. 

It highlights an effective EC Brushless motor for extended runtime and an updated all-metal chuck. And the drill can manage the toughest of materials, delivering up to 531 In.-Lbs. of energy, up to 28,500 bpm, and two drilling speeds. The kit arrives with two 18-Volt 2.0 Ah SlimPack batteries and a charger, which give excellent all-day power.


  • Kickback control decreases the hazard from immediate rotational energy reaction in a bind-up situation
  • Upgraded all-metal Chuck gives excellent bit recognition
  • Ec Brushless motor, effective power that gives 531 in.-Lbs. Of energy
  • Gives an impression rate of 0-28,500 bpm for solid workmanship works
  • Exactness clutch contributes 20+1 clutch settings for decreased fastener loss

Ryobi P1812 Cordless Hammer Drill

Including the P1812 hammer driving kit, they’ve scored their mark on an energy tool that is able of jobs around the house and onRyobi P1812 Cordless Hammer Drill the expert development site. The P214 cordless hammer drill, holds up to 600 inch-pounds of energy behind it, allowing you to tackle about anything around the house and a great amount on the Jobsite. 

The side handle gives you maximum control for accurate driving, and the magnetic tray can hold fasteners and bits with no problem, truly giving you both hands to use the tool. There is plenty of room for adjustment in the speed and torque of the tool, with a 3 mode switch letting you swap between drilling, hammer drilling, and screwdriver without having to take time out to readjust the torque collar every time you want to use this tool for a different application. 

Don’t forget about the rubber molding on top of the pistol grip that allows for extra easy handling. Also included in this kit are two P107 batteries. At 1.5 amp hours, they’re more than competent for most jobs around the house while keeping the weight of the tool low for improved handling. Their onboard fuel gauges let you see approximately how much power they have left, so you can be sure you have enough power to finish the job. 

Don’t forget about their fade-free technology, which keeps them running at full force until the fuel runs out. Keep these loaded with the P117, the most powerful individual battery charger Ryobi has to give. It can keep compact batteries like the P102 fully charged in as little as thirty minutes and the P108 in under an hour.


  • 3 DRIVING MODES: The P214 allows you to switch between 3 modes, one for a screwdriver, one for standard drilling, and one for hammer drilling. No need to constantly adjust torque when there’s an easy-access switch on the top
  • 2 SPEED GEARBOX allows you to affect a dramatic rate of rotation changes for working between delicate and difficult jobs
  • LED LIGHTING located at the base of the tool, shining up to illuminate your job without casting distracting shadows over your fasteners
  • 2 P107 BATTERIES: These are two compact 1.5 Amp Hour batteries that are designed to last long with you through difficult jobs that require a smaller fuel cell. This keeps your cuts or drives accurate while decreasing fatigue in your arms
  • P117 CHARGER: This can charge some batteries in as little as 30 minutes, like the P102, and larger batteries like the P107 in under an hour. An onboard battery reader gives you status updates on your batteries, telling you when they’re charged, or even if they’re defective

Porter Cable Cordless Hammer Drill

Porter Cable Cordless Hammer Drill is a high-performance hammer tool that is able of transporting up to 27,200 BPMs. It PORTER CABLE Hammer Drillhighlights a 2-speed gearbox (0-400/0-1600 RPMs) which gives the energy required to develop big and little applications. This Cordless Hammer Drill allows 1/2″ metal ratcheting chuck that reduces bit shifting in the chuck, by 23 chuck settings. 

A battery check shows charge left on the battery to permit you to observe how much energy resides. It also has a LED light that brightens dark work areas and small workspaces. Usually utilized for concrete & masonry drilling, wood drilling, and metal drilling. This is a bare-tool item, battery sold separately.


  • High-performance Cordless Hammer Drill delivers 27,200 BPMs
  • 2-Speed gearbox (0-400/0-1600 RPMs)
  • 1/2″ metal ratcheting chuck / 23 clutch settings
  • LED light to brighten the dark work area


VonHaus Cordless Hammer Drill

The VonHaus Cordless Hammer Drill B07G136TRT is a surprisingly-strong workhorse available at a decent price. UnlikeVonHaus Cordless Hammer Drill most cordless hammer drill, it comes with not only drill-mode and hammer-and-drill mode, but also with hammer-only mode, which allows you to use this model like a hammer when the situation calls for it.

It can also accept bits that are 1-3/6”, 1/2”, or 1-9/16”, which gives it a wider range of bit options that most cordless hammer drill. Also included are a ton of extras, including a 360-degree swivel handle for extra control, multiple drill bits, a depth gauge, and a storage case. 

All of that is included for a reasonable price, but this model weighs far more than most on our list. It weighs nine pounds, or almost double the next-heaviest model above it on this list, making it a heavy and clunky tool.

It also only comes with one speed, which is underwhelming for the price. Overall, it has pretty good power, but it’s too heavy, and it lacks the speed customization that you sometimes need. Fix those problems, and this model could easily climb to the top of our list. As it stands, it’s not a great value for the price.


    Pick from drill function and hammer job. The tool also incorporates a 15 piece accomplice collection, which all arrives in a cleverly prepared tool kit.
    Transportable with no restrictive power cords – fit for utilization indoors and out. It arrives with a 20V Max 2Ah series. 20V Max 2Ah battery is fitted with additional devices in the VonHaus 20V Max Lithium-ion D Series.
    Possesses max energy of 336 in/lbs energy and a changeable speed trigger, which provides for an effortless shift within 0-440 RPM (Low) and 0-1650 RPM (High).
    Includes an LED work light for enhanced visibility in low light. Also comes with a forward/reverse button which is conveniently placed near to the trigger for one-handed operation.

Buyers Guide For Cordless Hammer Drill

Features you should look while buying Cordless Hammer Drill:

  • Brushless vs. brush motor

    We hope we’re not exaggerating when we say that brushless motors are the best thing to happen to the home tool market in the past few decades, but it’s hard to underestimate their importance. If you have the opportunity to choose between a model with a motor that still uses brushes and one that is brushless, you should always go with the latter. Brushless motors don’t use the brushes that caused so many problems in previous models.

    The brushes moved around a central core at a high speed, and they naturally wore down over time, meaning that they need to be replaced periodically if you want your tool to work well. The more you used it, the more you had to replace this part. The bad news was that any speck of dirt that got into that compartment could wreak havoc and greatly decrease the lifespan of the brushes inside it.

    Brushless motors don’t use those brushes, so there are no parts that need to be periodically replaced, and they generally hold up better against dirt and dust. But, they’re not only better from a maintenance perspective.

    They’re more efficient since there’s far less friction involved in the process. Since they’re more efficient, they use less power, which means tools can last longer with a battery of the same size. They’re also lighter, so they’ll wear you out less when you work with them. They also don’t raise the price significantly, so if you’re looking to get a model that you’ll love using, due to its lightweight, great efficiency, and low-maintenance, then you should get a model with a brushless motor.

  • Batteries
    Like motors in portable tools, batteries have come a long way in the past two decades. You may still find batteries today that are running on nickel-cadmium batteries, or NiCad, as you’ll sometimes see it written. There’s nothing inherently wrong with these batteries, but like the brush-using motor, there are better options available to you today. In part due to the rise of smartphones, a new type of battery, known as Lithium-Ion, has become the new standard for power tools.

    These batteries have a higher energy density, so they can pack more power into the same weight like an old NiCad battery, or, they can provide the same amount of work time out of a shorter and more volatile battery. 

    If you buy your cordless hammer drill from a prominent brand, there’s a chance that they have a line of tools that use the same line of batteries. Since the batteries are interchangeable, you won’t have to buy a new battery each time, or you can buy new batteries each time and greatly increase the amount of runtime you’ll have on each tool in your arsenal.
  • Extra features
    There are a few extra features that may not seem like they transform your experience, but they still add value to your purchase versus a similar model without them. The first of these is an LED light. While this is a feature that many experienced workers will scoff at, even a weak light can help you better see the area in which you’re working.

    While this will be of negligible benefit most of the time while you’re working outside, it can be invaluable indoors and could mean that you don’t have to carry a flashlight around. A handle provides you more extra power when utilizing your Cordless Hammer Drill.

    For most operations where you’re driving a screw while this part may not be strictly necessary, you may find that it comes in handy when you’re trying to drill holes.

    If you don’t want the machine to buck or slip and damage the wall elsewhere, then a handle provides a second place to grip and gives you extra control.A case also adds a lot of value to your purchase. It protects your tool while it’s in storage or transit, and it provides a convenient place in which to store your extra parts and bits, making it an overall great thing to have, even if it’s not strictly necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best cordless hammer drill?

    Our pick of the cordless drills around today is the Dewalt Max XR Hammer Drill Compact Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill. If you want something rather more reasonably priced, go for the excellent Makita XRH01Z. It’s a twin-pack, so you get a Compact Cordless Hammer Drill Driver and an Impact Driver. 
  • Who makes the best cordless hammer drill?

    Cordless drills are presently exceeding the strength grades of what managed to be regarded as a conventional drill. There is numerous merchandise on the sale that excels the 1,000-inch-pound of energy threshold. Assignments like hole hogging that managed to expect a large 120V drill can presently be achieved with a variation of 18V cordless drill choices currently on the business. And due to their incredible strength, even heavy-duty bits like fasteners can be utilized with the high torque outputs of these remarkable cordless hammer drill tools.
  • How to use a hammer drill?

    • Purchase the Correct Drill
      If you are persisting to arrange any commercial job, purchase an industrial-grade drill. The cheap ones in the market will be a bad choice for you.
    • Get to Know Your Drill’s Bit
      If your profession is similar to carpentry, you are preferred to see for a Cordless Hammer drill with a sharp tip. For metals, use a solid black one. Utilize a Masonry Carbide Tipped SDS PLUS Drill Bits if you hold work on the solid concrete floor. Carbide tips are the ideal option for facing the impact of a Cordless hammer drill. Do not forget to check the sharpness of the tip before purchase, but be very careful. Accidents can occur anytime!
    • Fasten the Bit
      Once you have purchased your wanted bit, join it very tightly into the hammer. To tighten and lock the bit when necessary, use a locking nut.
    • Check the Depth
      You do not need your drill piece to reach too far. Unfix the Cordless hammer drill’s guide for the intensity somewhat and set it in your wanted location. Do not forget to lock it in its place. If your Cordless Hammer drill does not own the depth guide, simply utilize tape to set a checkmark on the intensity you are working to drill.
    • Prepare the Drill
      Watch for a hammer icon on your drill and press the button towards it. You will get it more comfortable to drill in cement. Again, watch for a forward icon in your drill and press your button towards it. If you want the drill to spin counterclockwise, push the icon towards the “back” symbol in the drill. Do not forget to keep your feet shoulders as wide as possible and grip the drill tightly. On the trigger of the drill, there should be one of your fingers.
    • Start Drilling
      Press the trigger and make sure that the mark is aligned with the drill. Be slow at first but increase the speed slowly once the bits of concrete settle in. If you have to use the cordless hammer drill for long periods, set it to continuous motion mode. Do not apply the power to break into a tough place in which the drill would not be able to enter. Utilize a nail to destroy it and utilize your cordless hammer drill over.