How to build different types of ladder | Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Ladders are the most essential household equipment, they are required for almost every job. If you need to store clothes in a bunker a ladder is required, for cleaning the ceiling fan or removing the spider webs from the walls, for every job a ladder is required. 

But buying different types of ladder for your household can be a costly affair sometimes & hence people avoid buying it. Afterwards not having a ladder can cause you some serious troubles, so you should always have a ladder in your household. Here we are to help you with making a ladder. Yes, you might haven’t heard about it before but we are to give you a step by step guide on making various types of ladder.

How to make a loft ladder ?

Building a loft ladder is one of the easiest things. A loft ladder is very convenient to use & can be used on a daily basis. It is also a safer option to use while climbing on heights within the household. But one thing should be kept in mind while making a loft ladder is it should be sturdy, easily accessible & comfortable as well. So here we are with loft ladders plan & we are definitely going to guide you step wise, so here are the steps :

types of ladder

  • Step 1

The very first step while making a ladder is to measure the exact size of the ladder that we are planning to make. This can be done by considering the measurements of some other ladder similar to the one that we are going to make. Or we can measure the exact size for that but first  of all we are required to measure the distance from the ground. Then add 12 inches to  it which will help us to get the exact measurement for the ladder.

  • Step 2 

The next after the measurement will be to cut the side rails for the ladder. After that we can proceed towards the rungs of the ladder. But before that we need to decide how many rungs will be required for the ladder and make the arrangements according to the rungs of the ladder. The approximate distance between rung and the other one will be about 10 inches. After that the total length of the ladder should be divided by ten, thereby we can determine the exact number of the rungs required for the ladder. After that we will be required to make the cuts according to the measurements we & this must be done very carefully.

  • Step 3 

The last but not the least step will be to attach the rungs that have been cut out. And is the measurement is about 2*4 , the rungs would be 4*18. Then the rungs are needed to be attached to the sidebar of the ladder. Arrange the rungs in perfect position & then attach it to the ladder. For the purpose of attaching a strong nail or a deck screw is required, thereafter all the rungs should be fitted in the very same method. Thereafter our ladder is ready to use, after everything is done one should check the sturdiness of the ladder for safety purposes.

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How to make a wooden ladder ?

A wooden ladder is a very popular household equipment & it is very useful in most cases. Wooden ladders are the first type of ladder that ever came into use & they are more sturdy than other ladders. This type of ladder can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes as well & building a wooden ladder is overall an easy task if the steps are followed carefully. So let’s take a look at how to make wooden ladders.

  • Step 1

The first step while making any kind of ladder be it wooden or any other kind, the first and foremost important step is to determine the exact measurement of the ladder. Height of the ladder needs to be decided first, then wooden pieces of the same height will be required. We can cut wooden pieces of the same size from any leftover wooden materials. The wooden side pieces will act as supports, one would be useful for providing the main support & the other one for providing the back support. The steps of the ladder will be similar to that of the flat wooden slabs. The wooden slabs will then be connected to the side supporters. The top of the wooden ladder will be made larger. 

  • Step 2

After the desired measurement is taken and planning is done for making the wooden ladder, wooden pieces would be required to make the ladder and they can be cut from a large block of wood. A saw can be used to cut the pieces easily. The rest of the ladder can be cut out with the help of a router. After that we need to decide the number of steps required for the ladder. Then the same number of pieces will be needed to cut out as well.

  • Step 3

The next step after you have got the desired pieces is to make holes on both the support sides of the ladder. The holes can be made with the help of a drilling machine. The next step will be cutting the wooden pieces according to the measurements and making the edges round of the pieces then fit them in the side supporters.

  • Step 4 

In this step we will have to attach the parts of the ladder. The steps are needed to be attached to the side support of the ladder. Attach each & every piece of the ladder carefully and step by step.

  • Step 5 

This is the final step and after this your ladder will be ready to use. In this we are supposed to make the top part of the ladder, in this step we need to fix a wooden plank to the side and back support. Then hammer the nail in the top to make it sturdy. After that fix the support to the end of the top step & attach them together. 

After all these steps your loft  ladder will be ready to use & definitely building a loft ladder has never been easier. But before using it make sure all the parts have been perfectly fixed and the ladder is sturdy as to prevent any further mishaps.

How to create a folding ladder ?

Folding ladders are very convenient to use , they can be carried anywhere and kept anywhere as well. Also folding ladders can be used in places where straight ladders cannot be used easily because of space crunch. They are very useful for small apartments as well where step ladders cannot be easily stored. 

So let’s take a look at how to make folding ladders : 

  • Step 1 

Take a desired measurement of the ladder. We will require two straight ladders to make a single folding ladder. Here we are making a ladder of six metres as an example. Although you can take up any desired measurements. First step is to place one of the ladders horizontally and the process should begin from the top. 

  • Step 2 

The next step is to attach to the upper point a 16-inch 2 by 4 section between the two sides of the ladder. After this we are required to place a 2 by 4 section so that the depth of 4 inches perfectly adjusts with the width of the ladder. The next process is to attach screws in at the end of each side so that 2 by 4 wood plank adjusts perfectly with ladder.

  • Step 3 

After this we are required to place the second ladder exactly at the upper side of the first ladder to make a length of 12 feet. Thereafter press the top and foot of the ladders together so that it removes any excessive gap.

  • Step 4 

The last step is to attach door hinges measuring around two inches to each intersection. The last & the final step will be to attach three ½ screws to each hinge. The hinges will help the ladder to remain connected firmly and permanently as well.

After this your ladder will be fully functional and will be ready to use. To store the ladder conveniently we can fold the top section over the bottom section.

How to make a rope ladder ?

Rope ladders are a perfect fit to use when we are on a trip, hiking, camping etc. Rope ladders are the most portable form of ladder available to use. They can be hung from a tree house as well, holding which we can easily climb up. These ladders consume the least amount of space and can be stored anywhere easily as well. 

Also rope ladders do not require any such items to be constructed, only two ropes will do the required job.

  • Step 1 

Take two ropes of different colours as it will be easier to follow the steps to make a rope ladder. Let’s take the color green and red for example. The next step is to lay the green colored rope on the left side and red colored rope on the right side. Now we will start with the construction of the rungs, for that we will need to make an ‘S’ shape with the red colored rope.

  • Step 2 

The construction of the rung will be done after this for that we are required to pass the green rope over the red colored ‘S’. Then under the middle and bottom ropes of the ‘S’. Thereafter we are required to wrap the green colored rope around the three strands of ‘S’ that were made. Around 8 or 12 wraps are to be made. If the length of the rope is long we are required to make more wraps, the number of wraps totally depends upon the length of the rope that we have. If the rope is not that long then less number of wraps will do. But do remember more wraps are required in order to strengthen the ladder. 

At last when you have enough wraps start working towards the end of the green rope through the red loop penetrating out of the end of the rung. 

  • Step 3 

We will work on finishing the rung now. The loop formed can be tightened by pulling the red rope spiking out of the left side of the rung. Thus after this the formation of the first rung will be completed and the red hope will hold on tightly to the green one.

  • Step 4 

After this, the first rung will be completed. Thereafter the sides of the ropes will also be changed. Then the same method will be applied to make another rung. As now the ropes are being dealt from the opposite side we will begin with the green rope making the space as the width of the first rung and then make a ‘S’ in the very similar manner. Passing the red rope over, under and below the green ‘S’. Thereafter pass the red rung through the green loop and fasten it tightly by pulling the green end.

  • Step 5 

The same steps are to be repeated until the desired length of the ladder is achieved. 

Thus we have successfully made a rope ladder which can be used anywhere and anytime. But before we hope for it, we must make sure that it is securely made and then we are ready to go.

Frequently asked questions 

Ladders can be sometimes trickier to store and use so therefore we are here to answer the frequently asked questions and clear your doubts. 

How are we supposed to stop the ladders from slipping ?

The ladders tend to become slippery at certain times and to stop that we can use products such as Ladder mats or Ladder stoppers. A ladder stopper can be easily bought online and is a helpful accessory in this case. Ladder stopper is also useful in areas such as gardens where the ladder can cause some amount of damage. The ladder stopper prevents the ladder from slipping in the outward direction & also prevents it from flipping due to overreaching.

At what angle a ladder should be used ? 

The ladder should be moved about 1 meter for every 4 meter up. This provides a safe angle to work from & eliminates any risk factors. 

Is fall protection required to be worn while working on a ladder ?

No fall protection is not required to be worn while working on a ladder. The fall protection can lead to other mishaps such as entanglement which is more risky. It is advisable to work safely rather than wearing any equipment because it can cause further damage & also it will add to unnecessary load while working. 

Do I require someone to hold the ladder while working ?

It is advisable for someone to hold the base of the ladder while coming down or going up so that it prevents any type of movement of the ladder and causes you to fall down. Instead of asking someone to hold everytime we get down, we can tie the ladder securely to something heavy nearby; this would prevent the ladder from moving anywhere. Therefore there will not be any risk of falling.

When do we use rope ladders ?

Rope ladders are harder to climb than ordinary ladders, therefore the preference for rope ladder is much less. Rope ladders are generally used while trekking, climbing on a tree or a mountain while outside. Inside our houses rope ladders are in use in very rare cases. Though you can use it instead of an homemade attic ladder. 

If you want to practice climbing for a trekking trip then you can easily practice on your rope ladder.

Can I rest the ladder against a window ?

The ladder can be rested against a window using special rubber pads. It will prevent the window from getting any scratches. But you must be careful while using a ladder against a window because the window pane might not be able to take the weight of the person and the ladder & it might result in breaking. 

How to install an attic ladder ?

DIY installation of attic ladders costs very less though to build attic stairs will be a difficult job, installation of the attic ladder is an easy process. So here is a step by step guide to install an attic ladder. 

  • Firstly you need to get tools such as power drills, handsaw, reciprocating saw, attic stairs, ladder equipments, measuring tape, pencil, deck screws etc.The next step is to get the right attic stairs. Then prepare the attic area and cut about an area of 22.5 by 54 inches which is the general size the general size for an attic ladder. If you have space crunch and the normal size attic ladders will not fit then you can always opt for compact size attic ladders. Some brands offer compact size attic ladders as well which will fit in an around 18 by 24 inches.
  • Secondly we are required to measure the distance from the ceiling to the landing space as this will be help us to find the appropriate size. The distance from the ground to that of attic stairs should not be much as it will be difficult to climb and step down as well.
  • The third step is to conisder the weight of the person who is going to frequently use the attic ladder for safety reasons. Also we are required to consider the weight of the objects that will be carried. After all this consideration arrange an attic ladder in the similar range. 

The final step is to consider the maximum head space to stand safely and also a the palce should be comfortable to while entering as well.  After that we need to cut a hole for the attic access point. The previously mentioned meausrements will do the job. 

Attach a support board and then insert the attic ladder into the place. Thus we are done with installing the attic stairs, but enusre that it has been fixed properly for safety reasons 

Final words 

Ladders are important equipments in an household and are required in many occasions. But buying a ladder can be a costly affair sometimes so we have provided full guide as how to build a wooden loft ladder etc. But still if you not sure as how to make one for safety reasons, you can always buy ladders and get them delivered at your doorstep.

But before buying one check your requirements and also check the space where you can easily store one.